Nothing, Everything, Anything, Something

If you have nothing, then you have everything, because you have the freedom to do anything, without the fear of losing something.

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Ye are wise grasshopper!

haha thank you, I am glad you found it insightful. However, I believe random thoughts to be very insighful, some of the time. Even if they are funny, they can be wise. Sometimes humor is more insightful than a serious statement, because instead of telling you what to think, it shows you and lets you arrive at the conclusion of what is the truth. <br />
<br />
Most often, the truth is the opposite of what is being said in something funny. The paradigm is slightly off, which makes it funny. It also makes it wise, because we arrive at the correct paradigm on our own. <br />
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But yes, I did enjoy your random comments. They were well-received, I assure you.

This random thought makes way to much sense and frankly too insightful for this experience group jarod.. <br />
However, it did illicit some good meaningless conversations about bras and birds pooping on trees & all.. so not a total waste of breath.

Great way of looking at things...

Thanks, I love being in agreement

haha that is too funny. Your friend showed incredible insight. <br />
<br />
And this morning I went to bed at 7, so your pattern continues.

Sugar's right about the lingerie thing but I can't talk about that in mixed company, LOL. I will keep ya'll updated but my happiness meter is rising daily... I was actually serious Jarod as I do believe in signs and wonders. I finally got into my own home at the end of last year in 2007 and my address ends in a 7 as the main street my small subdivision is off of also ends in a 7! Everything's been coming up 7's so it just makes sense that the Bluebird of Happiness did a doo in my backyard. This was predicted by my 7th grade friend Marci who wrote in my Autograph Book (along with some other middle school poems) - "I hope the Bluebird of Happiness does a doo-doo in your backyard." How prophetic!

Aristartle, that is quite a random thought there. haha thanks for sharing. <br />
<br />
And Sugar, I had no idea about bras. But now I do, and that is something.

Like really but who do you think wants to read those random thoughts? People who want to know what's inside the brain of yours, that's who. Just kidding Jarod - I like your random thoughts. How about mine: If a bluebird craps on your tree - will you be happy for the rest of the year? (this actually happened and I'd never seen a bluebird until the other day - I actually thought it was something made up by Walt Disney [see Song of the South]) LOL.

haha oh yeah? And how is that?

haha well, I overlooked that because I have no experience with such things.

Mmmmmm of course you can!

haha You certainly can. Which vowel would you like to buy?

haha start it up! I'll join

haha yes, he did write about nothing. And did you know that was a play on words? In his time, nothing was also slang for p*ssy.

Yes, I think so too

Thank you kindly. Yes, possessions and other trivial things in life tend to hold us down rather than lift us up.

Oh, how true ... We tend to chain ourselves down with possessions without realizing that we have to sacrifice our freedom. You have said it beautifully!