You Know What?

I hate fake people. You know what I’m talking about. Mannequins.

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Yeah, nobody likes rejection, although some people are braver about it than others. I'm not very brave in that aspect. I rarely go out on a limb emotionally.

I'm afraid of exposing myself, afraid of rejection. The real me is quiet and sensitive, mostly. I think most people like that, but I'm more afraid of rejection I think.

Yeah me too. I like to hide behind my humor.

Yeah, a relief to let the guard down once in a while.

Yes, it is kind of refreshing at times

haha well, I get to see his greatness, as well as his weakness

Well, I don't think he's that great. But I guess that's because I get to see him everyday.

There are two typos of people in the world--those who can edit and those who can't.

Yeah? Sounds like jsut my type

My tongue could use a good workout.

Sounds like a real tongue twister

I like liking likeable things and people

I like how you like that I like that

It was a very beautiful film

I did too. I still love that movie

loose lips sink ships, as they used to say


And their fake lips that don't move when you kiss them. Did I just admit that?

haha you know I love that whole line

Thank you. I love that you love my sense of humor.

Yes, I think you are very right about that

But he does have her. She comes to life in his arms.

the top half is human, the part he is finished sculpting, and the bottom half is unfinished and stone. It's not tragic, but it is an example of an artist falling in love with his work. I thought it was terrific, and very surreal, well before surrealism was a movement.

haha nice. A movie called mannequin. It was hard to find, you should have just told me. Interesting, but his mannequin wasn't a fake person, since it apparently came to life. Wikipedia said it was based on a 1948 movie, but the premise is very old. Middle ages at least. I remember studying one painting by someone where the sculptor is kissing his sculpture, a beautiful woman who is half stone/half human.

haha oh yeah? Who is he and why is that?