Life Is Crazy

I'm   confused  I  want  to  know


1.   If  price  are  always  falling  at  walmart  how  come  I  have   gotten   anything   for  free.

2.  If   I  had  a  penny   everytime   I  had   A   good   ideal    huh  what   can  you  buy  with a  penny   never   mind. 

3.  If  life  is  a  bowl  full   of  cherries   why  do  I  only  get  the  pits. 

4.  I  don't   know  I  just  work   here. 

Thanks   If  you know  any  of  these  let  me  know.

rockybear397 rockybear397
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3 Responses Apr 19, 2008

haha nice. I loved these. You are very imaginative and clever.

I'm fine taking a study break My son is with me this weekend. We are going to natural bridge to hike I love hiking.

I like your's too.