You make me want to be woman.

Pure woman.

Curve of the hips, soft skin.

Silky hair, parted lips.

Dark eyes, slip of the tongue.

We’ll lay in bed in the morning light,

me breaking and mending my heart

to every characteristic of your face.

I’d talk when you’d want to keep silent.

snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002
46-50, F
5 Responses Jul 4, 2012

How curious and how exciting.

My own writing for others has so often been my own exposed passions, the viscera of my feelings if you will; and my confessions (my unrewarded braveries) have fallen flat, anticlimactic, in the face of the unrequited or in the face of half-hearted attempts from those nonchalant and dismissive, unwilling to repay in kind... or to be more generous, perhaps merely unskilled.

I just read this and I understand what you mean in labeling it a random thought. They come, they need no polish or tempering and they are as instantaneous as the feelings they describe.

I would drink in such a moment with such a woman if I were so allowed, so blessed. In your random thought I can see the light, that grey-turning-to-buttery gold; I can smell the sheets and the ignored sweat, the human imperfections of bad breath and stale air and morning hair utterly lost against the human perfection of a look, a recognition when the soul sings out through the eyes and happily weeps "My God -- it is YOU and only you will do."

Reading your words here made my heart beat faster and cringe inward with lonely ache and explode with longing and go loose with awe.

Reading your words here made my head rise and my shoulders to firm, my chest to swell and my resolve to deepen.

Reading your words here made me feel a Man inside I'd long thought dead, and made me long to kiss such lips as could utter such thought, if only such were mine to kiss.

Thank you.

This is a random thought? lol

i wanna be that you lol you make me wanna be that man, gonna travel in a few weeks or so booking next wk tho def gonna sit and read your stories very uplifting for me :)

Thanks Percheron, much appreciated :)

Snowbunny, you are pure woman!