A Big Turn Off...

...is bad hygiene. Seriously, if I am sitting a couple of feet away from you and they way you smell makes me want to vomit...it makes me wonder what kind of woman would seriously tolerate that kind of laziness. Every time this man moves a new wave of vomit inducing smells come floating my way. It's absolutely disgusting. The way you present yourself to the world says a lot about who you are. And you sir are lacking. Please take 10 minutes out of your day to wash that disgusting grime off of your body. And unfortunately yes, you will actually have to take another 30 minutes out of your day to wash your clothes. You are a grown *** man, please make an attempt to act like it.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2012

is that exist too well im sure that person is homeless and nothing is free if your homeless even people is afraid to talk with you for the reason that he/she may is a thieves or worse.

It never crossed my mind that this man was homeless. In my mind I feel that if they have the means to sell something so that they may eat, they would do so. This man had a personal laptop, not one that the library loans you. And although I did not look at him closely the quality of his clothes seemed decent, i.e. no holes and tears. I do not know much about the homeless but I do know that there are shelters that offer limited space. I would like to think that these shelters also offer a place for someone to clean up. You also have public restrooms that you can wash hands and face in. It takes less than two minutes. He might not have the resources to stay clean everyday but I his appearance makes me think that the just doesn't care and that is a sign of laziness.