2 Plus 1

The mysteries are diminishing, what is it when there are so few left, there is a fork in the road, but do you see that there is a third option. This third way is both the other two in part, for it denies some fundamentals of each, and there are fresh new or re-hashed mysteries ahead. This third path I take, along with intrigue and other goodly vibrations there are panic inducing vibes. It is as if the minutae of the all, the sound of steps up above, the high pitched screams briefly heard when water faucets are domestically employed, all those tiny things carry terror, and exhileration. The third way transforms the banal into thrill-dom. There is much to come, contradictions are thick lush growth and our emotions and thoughts are sickles cutting thru them to make a path, thus the third way is to many an eye a vast unchartered territory, and those who last a while may regard those other 2 ways with a certain tincture of morbidity and glee, a whimsy, a dreamy regard like a foggy view of a pond, with a grandiose cottage behind and swans making almost unnoticeable ripples on the water's surface.
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