I Am Not a Freak

The adjacent airline passenger shifts uncomfortably as she non-discretely rubs her handy dandy sanitizer in between her well roomed & freshly  manicured fingers.

"Would you like a lozenge?" she asks under the guise of consideration for my comfort & well being.  Though her body language would suggest a different motiation for her seeming concern.

She was afraid of me, or rather the potentially deadly 'Captain Tripp' super flu she perceived I was carrying.

"No thank you' I respond as I snot the tissue between sneezes.  "I'm fine'.

When did we become a nation of germaphobes? 

I am not a freak!!   I just have a freakin' cold dammit!!

DrewBerry DrewBerry
46-50, F
3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

~ a hug with a surgical mask ~ hmmm... sounds like my last boyfriend.... but from you DK... I'll take it.<BR><BR>a doo doo bird Speachless...<BR><BR>Attitude - ummm..... that was random. But '63 - a fine year indeed!!!!!! :)

December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)

It's not just germs we are being phobic about. Wish I could bring you some good, homemade from scratch chicken soup to get you feeling better. Oh, and no, I wouldn't deliver it with a surgical mask, and yes, I would accept a hug without hesitation...