Lovely Latin Pam

It was fall and work was slow so the boss sent me and a bunch of co workers on an out of town trip for training and motivational seminars. The training was common sense stuff and the motivational stuff was the usual rah-rah team work pep talk. Spent most of the time thinking about the work piling up on my desk the only interesting thing was that there was a bar in the hotel. After one day’s seminars were complete we discussed the evening’s schedule. Several of the guys were headed to a downtown ***** bar and the ladies were going to some chick flick… I begged off with a headache and we all went our separate ways. I started toward the elevator in the lobby and glanced over at the bar and decided to stop for a beer.

It was a typical hotel bar … tropical tiki décor with lots of ferns and tropical plants… bamboo furniture and super low lighting. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a beer. The place was empty which was unusual at ‘happy hour’ . Well, I thought it was empty. As my eyes adjusted to the light I finally saw her sitting at a table across the bar. The first thing I noticed was long long tanned and well defined legs. Tall stiletto heels and legs that went on forever. A flowered long skirt that was split almost up to the waist and it fell open to expose those beautiful legs. She sat low in her chair with those long legs stretched out in front of her. They were crossed and slightly raised off the seat and the view stopped just short of what I was sure was a lovely tight rear. As my gaze finally moved up from those legs I saw a narrow waist that held in a plain loose fitting white peasant blouse pulled down around her tanned shoulders. I say full because it was filled with a lovely pair of breasts… round and full and as natural as can be. After lingering there long enough for my tongue to get hard my eyes came up to a strikingly lovely face framed by raven black hair that hung around her shoulders. Dark eyes were looking directly at me and a sly smile on full luscious red lips. She was probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. When I saw her face I finally realized that I had seen her before…. Earlier in the week at one of the seminars… but dressed much more conservatively…hair up and a dark gray business suit that accented her perfect figure.

She was much more appealing in casual dress and much more comfortable you could tell. She knew I was watching her and enjoying every inch of the view. She was a Latin beauty and she knew it. The way she dressed and posed told me she was confident in herself and knew what a beauty she was. She was totally relaxed and reading a paperback while sipping a glass of wine… totally unconcerned with the world and all that was around her.

Her eyes went back to her book and I turned to find the bartender enjoying the same view. He smiled at me and nodded … he appreciated the view also. I ordered another beer and told him to send another wine to the table in the corner. As the bartender delivered it to her he pointed to me. She raised her glass and nodded in appreciation, I smiled and raised mine in return. She didn’t seem to mind me watching her and I didn’t mind looking at her.. She has a quiet smoldering sexuality and it showed in her presence. Whenever I looked her way I’d see her glance up and when our eyes met I’d get that sly sexy smile.

I sat sharing my time between the ball game over the bar and the beautiful woman across the room…. The ball game got less of my attention that the beautiful Latin lady for sure. In a few minutes the bartender brought another beer before I even asked for it and pointed to the lady. Surprised I looked her way to see her push the chair across the table out with the toe of her shoe… stretching out that long lovely leg. She gestured to the chair for me to join her. I grabbed my two beers and walked over to her table. I extended my hand to her and said ‘thanks for the beer… my name is John”. She showed me a broad full smile and said “returning your favor, John… would you like to join me ? my name is Pam” I took the offered chair and threw out all my cards in the first hand. “You’ve probably heard all the lines before and this for sure, but I have to tell you Pam, I think you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen”. After getting this close up look at her face I could see actually how beautiful she really was. Smooth tanned skin… deep brown eyes that swallowed you…silky black hair that cascaded down around those bare shoulders and played at the ruffle on the blouse she wore… and a smile that could warm up stone.

“The lighting helps, John” she giggled. “You’re too modest, Pam, you’re a definite head turner… I think I saw you at a seminar earlier this week didn’t I?... so, you’re down here like me being bored to death?” “Exactly ! I hate these things but I’m required to go. I’m not much for the night life and all my work associates love to party and dance and drink till they drop…. I’m just not into all that.” “I understand… I begged off a trip to a ***** club with a fake headache… I’m so glad I did or I’d never have been here with you… a much much better alternative”.

“Why thank you, John…what a sweet thing to say. What do you do for a living ? are you in computers like me ?” “Yes… I handle network security for out company.. I really should look forward to this little vacations, but all I can think about is the problems piling up back at work… I have good people but sometimes they all go brain dead” She nodded her head and said “we work for the same place ! I’ve just been placed as the manager of our security and have about 20 geeks answering to me… I’m so glad that they are the smart geeks… they make me shine to upper management. I think it’s partly because I’m a woman and they like to impress me…Not to brag… but the looks don’t hurt”

I took a second to look her over again top to bottom with some momentary stops along the way. “I can understand their wanting to get your approval and yes, the looks don’t hurt a bit”. We discovered we were from the same town but worked in different areas. We talked shop for a little while, comparing companies and bosses…. then moved onto other topics… likes and dislikes and general chit-chat. We discussed our divorces, hers nasty.. with some abuse and neglect…a husband that after the first year treated her like a ***** and mistrusted her… tried to control her every move. She finally just had enough and left. I told her mine was amiable…we just grew apart. I said I couldn’t imagine how anyone could treat her that way. We had both been divorced less than a year. We found lots of similarities in our stories, both personal and professional. She was born in Texas of Cuban/Peruvian parents which accounted for her beautiful Latin features. I couldn’t help myself from just staring at her…she was that gorgeous. We were very comfortable together.

She finished off her wine and I asked if she’d like another…she said no that she had been sitting for a long while and needed to stretch and walk a little…and she asked if I’d like to join her. She arched her back and spread her arms wide in a long full stretch. When she did that she showed me exactly how full her breasts were straining against her blouse and taking up all the extra material. We both stood together and she wobbled a little. I reached out to support her… misjudging my distance and with her tilt I caught one forearm and one breast. I let go quickly and apologized. She smiled and said “ Oh, don’t apologize, you saved me from a fall… too much wine. I believe John you’ve gotten me drunk. And besides it’s the first time they’ve been touched in months… it felt good”

“Well, I’m all for making you feel good” I laughed “are you sure you want to take that walk. She grinned and said “Oh yes, I think I need it to get my feet working properly again… I’ll just hold onto you for support” as she hooked her arm through mine, gripped my upper arm with her hand and pulled herself close to me. I could feel her heat through her arm and hand. It felt good.

We walked thru the lobby and out to a garden that joined the hotel.. we walked and chatted…she stayed close to me and held tightly against me. “Got your feet working again ? I asked. “Oh I’m fine now but I like holding onto you… just cause it feels good, is that ok ?” “More than ok… it’s perfect” I told her reaching up and squeezing her hand on my arm.

She told me she had been having a hard time getting back into being single and dating… seemed most men just wanted ***** and no commitment. She smiled sadly and said “I tried a few times but I was just a piece of ***…it was that obvious.. No one wanted a relationship… I needed someone I could trust. It got old soon.” I said I’d had the same problem… the party life got boring soon and I just couldn’t seem to connect with someone. Trust was hard when you’ve been screwed over or just left behind.

She stopped walking and turned toward me. There were tears in her eyes and she tried to smile but it was hard. “I know we’ve just met and know nothing about each other, John. But my instincts tell me you’re someone who can be trusted. Tell me the truth… do I just look like an easy ****?” I was a bit shocked to hear this from this beautiful face. I hesitated for a moment and she blurted out “don’t get me wrong… I love a good **** and I need one but that’s not what I’m all about” I told her I understood and while I had been sitting at the bar the thought of you in soft satin sheets was a nice fantasy, but now I saw her differently. I guessed I had seen a little more than those long legs. She smiled and thanked me for that. “You seem like a very caring honest person. I’m glad we met. She took my arm again and we continued our stroll. We had walked the garden a dozen times but I couldn’t remember a single detail about it. I glanced at the clock in the hotel window and we had been walking and talking for over two hours. I was totally engrossed in her. She asked me if we could sit awhile. It was a nice evening. We walked over to a bench and sat down beside each other.

Her eyes were down and she was quiet for several minutes. When she raised her head she looked at me and said “there is something I need to know, John”. I told her I’d tell her anything she wanted to know. She smiled and said “it’s nothing you can say…it’s just this” and she leaned in, took my face in her hands and kissed me. A long, slow, soft passionate kiss. A movie kiss where the camera pans away. A kiss that can literally stop your breath. When she broke away her eyes were still closed and she lingered about two inches from my face. Then she kissed me again… this time with more passion and expression and tongue. This kiss was totally different… this one was full of lust and sex and heat and it lasted much longer. This kind of kiss gave you a full erection. This time when she broke, her eyes were open and she was smiling. “Well?” I asked “did you find out what you wanted to know ?” She answered with a smile and a wink.

She stood up and pulled me up with her. She leaned into me and began again with another kiss but this time as she did her hand slid down my body to my crotch and she found my hard ****. She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked me and as she did she stopped the kiss and smiled at me saying “I think I have found exactly what I needed to know” and continued to massage my swollen member through my pants. “do you have anything to do for the evening, John ?” with that sweet smile on her face. I told her I had no plans at all. Still smiling she said “Then, How about me ?” and she squeezed me hard then patted my **** gently and said “let’s take one more short walk” “Lead the way, Pam… I’ve got nothing but time and a beautiful person to fill it”.

We walked toward the hotel and she took her previous position on my arm, tight against me, stroking my arm with her free hand. She stopped just at the door and asked “Are you relaxed enough to walk thru the lobby” again with that sly sexy grin. I told her mostly… but it wouldn’t take much to get it ready. She asked if we could walk in separately. There were people that she worked with around and she didn’t need any rumors…even though they would be true. I told her of course it would be fine. She smiled, squeezed my arm and said “thank you… room 476” and walked on before me.

I waited for about ten minutes and made my way to 476 and knocked quietly on the door. She answered quickly with her finger to her lips and her phone in her ear. I followed her in and closed the door quietly. She had changed into a pair of silk short p.j.s. She pushed me up against the door and pressed her body hard against me, her full breasts pressing hard against my chest and her hips grinding against my now rising ****. She never stopped her conversation which I surmised was her boss from all the yes sirs and absolutelys She finished in a few minutes with “yes sir… I’ll handle that first thing in the morning” and after she pushed the end button on her cell phone she added “you ************ !” she was still leaning against me fondling me and I asked her “Not a good call I assume ?” She frowned and said “Not really…******* calls me late at night knowing there is nothing I can do from here and tells me to handle an ‘emergency’ that I have no control over and do it now”… I convinced him that I couldn’t fix the problem this late and I’d take care of it in the morning.. so at 6:am I’ve got to call in some favors and fix HIS problem…I think he just likes to trip my trigger to see what reaction he will get… He is a first class *****… and speaking of first class ******, I think I’ve found a nice one”

Her hand slid over to my zipper and she was inside my pants in seconds, pulling me out very gently. Taking me in both hands she said “ Oh yes, nice one… I’ll be right back” She slowly dropped to her knees and as she did she unbuttoned her pajama top. She reached for my throbbing stiff **** and placed it between a truly fantastic pair of breasts, surrounding it completely in warm soft flesh. She started moving up and down as my **** slid between those wonderful boobs. She looked up at me and said “Boy.. I guess I’m still a little drunk, cause I’m really acting like a *****” I grinned at her and pulled her back up straight and told her she was nothing of the kind and kissed her. Her mouth was soft and hot and her tongue was exploring mine with quick darts in and out. Her hands were back on my **** and she was pumping it up and down and moaning as we kissed.

She broke the kiss and said “You’re a great kisser, John and it’s getting me seriously hot. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a man this close that I felt comfortable with and I’m really in need… save the kisses for a little and let me enjoy this lovely thing I have in my hand. I really need a taste of that. My second favorite thing in the world is tasting a nice hard thick **** like this” I loved hearing this and told her to just have her way with me.

Pam dropped back down on her knees and held my **** in one hand stroking the foreskin gently… She placed her lips on it’s head and kissed it then her lips parted and she took the head in her mouth. Her tongue was going wild over it and she alternated between sucking and tongue it.. that went on a long time. Then, she slowly started taking in further into her mouth and backing off.. working every inch of my **** with her tongue and lips. What wasn’t in her mouth was being stroked and massaged. She bobbed and sucked until the entire length of my shaft was deep in her mouth and she was pumping her head quickly over me. Each time she hit bottom she moaned and sucked hard as she slid back to the head. I’ve had some great ******** but this one was a 15 on a 10 scale.

Her other hand had undone my belt and my pants had dropped to my ankles. Then her hand was around my balls warming them and massaging them gently. She stopped her sucking for a moment and turned her attention to my balls, licking and sucking each one in turn. I was doing all I could to ‘maintain’ and not come. When she went back to my **** I told her I was really close to finishing. She gave me a nasty grin and said “what do you think I’ve been trying to do ??? give it to me” and went after my **** even faster. When I came I almost fell down. I’m glad the door was there. As soon as she tasted my come she went wild, sucking and pumping my **** taking every bit and between sucks asking for more. It seemed like I came for several minutes although it was only seconds. When she felt me shrinking she looked up and smiled the sweetest smile and said “thank you John… I’ve needed that badly for a long time…. I really hope that’s not all ??”

“No, not all…but a few minutes of recovery time would help. She stood up licking her lips, her breasts swaying toward me. She took me by the hand and led me to the couch. Somehow I got out of my pants without tripping over them and falling down. The rooms in this hotel were very well appointed and had a nice seating area in a little alcove off the main part of the room. “Well, while we’re waiting on recovery time… why don’t you have something to eat?” She plopped down on the couch sliding the pajama shorts down around her ankles and stepped out of them. She spread those long long legs apart and scooted up to the edge of the cushion.. She slid her hands down a flat hard stomach to a cute little shaved mound… shaved in the shape of a heart. Her hand slid down over her ***** and two of her fingers dropped inside her slippery wet **** and slowly pulled them up and over her ****, moaning and moving her hips up toward her hand. Two or three more times and she said “I think it’s ready for you to eat now and don’t be shy, there’s plenty for you. While she was working her ***** up I finished undressing and knelt down between those firm legs. I gently moved her hands and replaced them with mine. I lowered my head down to her ***** and slowly ran my tongue around the perimeter of it… just barelytouching her lips and avoiding her **** all together. Finally I slid my tongue thru her slit and stopped with it poised right on her ****. I wiggled my tongue over it teasing it and she started writhing on the couch. She was trying to rub her **** on my tongue. I pressed down on her hips and told her to relax and let me do the work and started in earnest licking sucking and tonguing her ****. It was stiff and erect and each time I moved away from it she’d grab my head and put it back in place. I was also sliding two fingers in and out of her ***** and pressing up against the roof of her *****, and after finding that little sensitive spot kept sliding them over her g-spot massaging and rubbing it to her noticable satisfaction.’

As hard as I tried I couldn’t hold her still and she was pumping her hips and grinding my face with her ***** … things were getting pretty messy down there but I didn’t mind. She tasted sweet and was really enjoying the attention. Before long she stretched her legs out and tightened her leg muscles. Her thigh muscles were twitching against my face and I knew by her moans and breathing that she was getting close to an ******… I concentrated totally on her **** doing everything I could to bring her to climax. When she finally got there it was explosive. Her whole body stiffened and she held her breath. Her hands were clasped tightly around her breasts and she was totally somewhere else. She was moaning as waves of pleasure washed over her. When I placed the tip of my tongue on her **** she flinched… far too sensitive for any manipulation from me. As she came back for her little O trip she reached down and pulled me up by the head and leaned forward toward me. She placed her lips on mine and kissed me hard and long …her tongue running in and out of my mouth. When she finally stopped kissing me she held me up against her… my head buried in her breasts and her hips pressing against my stomach, rubbing that wet hot ***** against me. She pulled my head back from those nice full breasts and looked me in the eye. Those beautiful brown eyes shining and a sweet smile on her lips… although her lipstick was shot to hell ! She kissed me softly and said “thank you so much for that… I really really needed a release like that. It’s been too many months since I’ve had that. My fingers and my vibrator can get me there, but it takes a man with a talented tongue to get me that high off the ground. … “ Reaching between my legs she found my hard again **** with her hand and stroked me gently. “now that that big ole thing has recovered, let’s see about doing something with it”

She stood up pushing me back a little and I just had to plant a kiss on that cute little heart shaped patch. She pulled me up by my arm and as I stood she held me by my **** and led me to the bed. It was a large king sized bed with fresh sheets and plenty of pillows. “let’s see if we can take care of this nice hard **** up here. She climbed up on the bed purposely taking her time and showing off her beautiful tight little *** with that wet ***** shining down below it. She turned her head, grinned at me and said “see anything interesting back there?” I grinned back and told her I saw plenty and if she’d hold still I’d show her. She smiled a huge smile and spread her legs wide giving me a nice view of that *****. Her hand was sliding over it and letting a finger or two slip inside. “climb on big boy and let’s take a ride.” It only took e a couple of seconds to be behind her and sliding into a wonderful hot wet tight ****. As I slid down inside her she tightened those muscles and it was like a soft velvet glove holding me inside her. She had dropped down onto her folded arms and that raised her hips and ***** up at a very advantageous angle for I started sliding in and out of her she matched my moves with her hips and we had a great rhythem going with her tight little hole keeping me excited. She had her head down and her long hair was swaying around her face. Her breasts were also swaying back and forth with her rocking back against me. She was moaning softly and almost whispering “Oh baby, that is so good… oh, don’t stop” Every now and then when I’d hit just the right spot she would shiver and say “Oh **** yes, right there, keep it right there” and I’d try to concentrate my **** head on that spot. But, it was hard with her pumping against me. We continued that position for a good while…till we were both panting and sweaty. She had started really working back to me and I increased my speed. Every time I hit the bottom, she would purr “just like that… give me more just like that’ and I’d ram as hard as I could up deep inside her.

She was so out of breathe, she could hardly talk but she managed to say “my ***** is thirsty… you got anything it can drink ??” That came at just the right time… I was just at the point of finishing and I let it go. I emptied into her and when she felt it come she yelped and said “oh hell yes… that’s just what I want… more please… oh **** yes !!!”

As I finished, I was exhausted and just about fell over on her but caught myself with one arm laying my chest against her back. I reached up under her and fondled one breast. “squeeze it tighter, baby” and I did. She moaned in appreciation.

We finally untangled and lay in the bed side by side facing each other. Her eyes were heavy and she seemed ready for a nap but she said “That is exactly what I needed… I’m so glad I stopped for a drink and I’m soooo glad I met you.” She traced the line of my chin with her finger then reached down and pulled my hand up to her breast. She squeezed my hand over her breast showing what she wanted. “They loved to be played with and after that good **** they are very sensitive...they need some attention. I scooted down on the bed a little and took one hard nipple in my mouth as I massaged her breast.
She lay there with her eyes closed and enjoyed my attention to her breasts. As I squeezed and sucked on her breasts, my other hand was stroking her body… stomach, back and as far as I could reach down her long legs. While I was doing that her hand was fondling my **** and it was starting to respond. “Hmmm, something seems to be waking up now… can it come out and play?” as she tugged on it.

“Of course” I said enthusiastically. “You know there is something I’ve been thinking about since I walked in the bar and saw you.” “What’s that sweetie?” she smiled. “I’ve been wondering how it would feel to be be laying between those lovely long legs and feel them wrapped around me while I was buried in that sweet tight ***** of yours” “Oh ??” she said “so I AM just a nice piece of *** to you and that’s all? “Well, you are that but so much more. Your sweet and sexy and smart as hell…you were dealt a ****** hand and you took it and overcame all the crap and came out on top… that takes brains and character and guts so, you are a nice piece of *** but you shine in so many other ways… I have to admit though.. before I found out all of that, those long legs really had got me all excited”

“John, you are so sweet to say those things and I can tell you’re sincere. Thank you, you make me feel so good about myself…. Now crawl over her and let me wrap my long sexy legs around.. I’m gonna **** you till you cry calf rope!” and with that I climbed up between those beauties and slid inside her and she did what she promised. I was totally exhausted when she finished with me. We did lots more things that I’ll write about later. Pam knew some things I didn’t know and we had a ball. We stopped, showered, gathered clothes, had a late dinner and spent the entire night in each others arms and every orifice was used and satisfied. I’ve never been with a woman you ‘made love’ like Pam. And, there is a difference in ‘making love’ and *******. More to come.
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