Another Christmas Surprise

Typical office party... no one has worked all day... just played. Phones going unanswered. Bosses gone for the day... full party mode. I was standing at the food table and she walked up behind me, tucked her breast under my arm, cupped my *** and whispered in my ear "I've got something in my office that tastes a lot better than any of this ****"

I turned to see my coworker's face smiling seductively at me and drunk out of her mind. "Oh really" I asked "should I bring my napkin and fork". "Probably wouldn't hurt to bring a napkin... cause it's very hot and very wet... might get messy" She told me to come to her office in 10 minutes and look casual about it. Luckily her office was in a side hall and had no windows that opened to the hallway. I could see the desk light on under the door. I knocked and I heard the door unlock and open just a little. As I pushed it open a little and squeezed in it was closed immediately and locked.

She pressed me up against the door and had a death grip on my **** before I knew it. She was totally naked and working feverishly to get me unzipped. I'm sure the guys know and most ladies too that a hard **** is difficult to extract from jeans thru the zipper and can be painful if done wrong. She knew how to handle the situation and started with the belt and button then the zipper and wham-bam my jeans were around my knees and my **** was buried in her mouth. Well all I could do was relax and enjoy...Between her hand stroking my shaft and her tongue and lips sliding up and down me... it didn't take long to finish me off. I was about to tell her I was coming, but she knew and really started working on me...

After I'd unloaded in her mouth she sucked it clean and stood up kissing me full on the lips with her tongue doing the same thing to my tongue it had just done to my ****. She took me by the hand and walked over to a chair where she sat down, spread her legs and then her lips saying "see if you like the taste of this" I slid my tongue thru her lips pausing at her **** and flicked it a little with my tongue. Her hips jerked toward me as I did "She grinned down at me and said "like that... just like that..."

I went to the task in earnest and even quicker than I'd finished, she was ******* my face until she collapsed in the chair breathing hard and moaning. I found my napkin and wiped my mouth off, then raised up to kiss her again... "We're not finished yet" as she pushed back in the chair and stood up... She led me behind her desk where she sat on her daily planner pad and spread her legs. She pulled up the edge of the desk and told me to pull out the two middle drawers. When I did she planted her feet on them, grabbed my now recovered **** and pulled me up to her, sliding my **** thru her wet lips, lubricating the head.

That went on for a minute or two... her breaths were slow and deep. She put the head of my **** right up to her ***** and said "ram it all in now" I had no problem with that and did as I was told.
She gasped and exhaled breathing "Harder". as her hips were grinding against me when I hit bottom. Before I knew it she was wrapped around me totally off the desk and riding my **** like a pony, her arms wrapped around my neck and legs around my waist. Finally she stiffened and said I'm coming... give it to me now if you can. She stopped but I kept pumping up into her. as she relaxed I sat her back on the desk and started really pounding into here. "more... deeper" she kept moaning till I finally finished and dumped a full load inside her.. when she felt it spurt she pumped up to get it all and as I drained into her I leaned over and supported myself on the desk with my arms on either side of her.

When she recovered completely she pushed me up, stood up and opened a desk drawer to find a towel... she wiped me down completely including a few nice long sucks and licks... she cleaned herself up and started putting her clothes on. As she dressed she said... "You can never tell anyone this happened and it will never happen again. Merry Christmas "and she kissed me with those hot soft lips again. "Give me 5 minutes head start and be cool"

With that she left, shortly i left and to this day it was never mentioned again and our relationship has been purely professional..... and it was better than all the food on the table.

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Jan 8, 2013