The First Time Pt 1

Louise was my first and you never forget your first. She lived in the same neighborhood and we rode the same bus to school. It was a rural neighborhood and everyone knew everyone. When I was lucky I got the seat next to her on the bus. She was a senior and me a sophomore. I spent hours ************ thinking about her. Normally Seniors don’t associate with sophomores but we were always good friends growing up and she knew I lusted for her badly but she was hooked up with another guy who had already graduated and had a reputation of a bad *** and I’d seen what he did to a guy that tried to make a move on Louise. So, I didn’t mess with her. The most we did was tell dirty jokes and talk. She was easy to talk to and I never felt nervous or shy like I did with some other girls at school… guess it was because we had known each other so long.

I had to walk almost a mile to catch the school bus and we usually met about half way since she lived closer. When I’d see her in the morning it excited me and an excited teenage boy gets a hard on in 2.3 seconds flat. Carried my books in front of me every time. She always greeted me with a smile and a wink and a ‘hi cutie’. That would make my day. I wasn’t very experienced. There had been some necking (or scrounging as we called it back then) Some back seat tries for second base and dreams of 3rd or home. Most young girls in the 60’s thought the ground would open up and hell ****** them down if they even touched a penis much less lick one. Every now and then you’d find an ‘easy’ girl that would let you feel her up. Today is a lot different. Anyway, back to luscious Louise….

She had luscious full lips with a sweet smile that was always painted with pink lipstick . Dark brown eyes smiled every time her mouth did. Shiny brunette hair that fell loose around her shoulders or sometimes in a pony tail. I dreamed of planting kisses up that soft smooth neck. She also had a lovely pair of full breasts that she kept in tight sweaters. I was totally in lust with her, especially her breasts. I remember my 16th birthday… we were walking home from school on a Friday afternoon and asked what I was doing for the weekend. I told her that it was my birthday and we were going out to dinner to celebrate. She stopped dead still in the middle of the road, pulled me up against her in a nice soft hug ..pressing those nice firm breasts against my chest and said “Happy Birthday, Cutie” then she kissed me… kinda of a friendly birthday kiss… but square on the lips. I nearly had an ****** right there.. Then she turned up her street and waved bye saying “enjoy your birthday” like nothing happened at all. It took me a minute or two to get my feet working… I just watched her walk away savoring the view and the taste of her lipstick. It was the best birthday gift I’d ever gotten !!! up to that point !

Summers were great because Louise wore shorts… short shorts. She had long legs and years in the sun left them freckled and tan. I didn’t have a car yet but lots of my trips to the store for a coke strangely went by her house… which was about two blocks out of the way ! I was always hoping to see her laying out on that quilt in the sun in her bathing suit… Those nice full breasts sticking up and those long legs bent at the knees and slightly apart…her flat tanned stomach slathered with baby oil and iodine…. lots of fantasies there.

I knew her dad pretty good… all the boys did since he coached ball. Saw him at the store one day and he asked me if I still cut grass. I told him I did and needed some more yards. He told me to come by and give him a price on his yard… Yippee !! maybe more Louise time !!!

The next day was Saturday and I walked to his house to talk to him… when I pulled up I saw the yard…hell, it was two feet high, gone to seed and thick as hell. I wasn’t looking forward to cutting it and even wondered if my mower would. I knocked on the door and he came out on the porch and said hi and asked what I thought. I told him it was mighty high and it would take a couple of days to get it all done. It was an acre lot but looked like forty. He asked how much and I stammered a bit…I told him $25.00. He asked if that included raking it all up and I said it would take as long to rake and remove it as it would to cut it. He said he knew it was bad but he’d been out of town and hadn’t had time to do it… then he said “How about 40 bucks to cut and rake it” Wow… I hadn’t seen 40 bucks at one time in forever. I said it was a deal and could I start on Monday. He said that would be fine, we shook hands and he headed back in the house saying that he’d see me Monday.

As I was walking away, Louise came out the screen door and said “Hey, Cutie…. Whatcha doing?” I told her about the grass cutting. She looked at me and smiled saying “you’re crazy… this yard will kill you!” “Probably, or at least my mower” I laughed. “Well, if you get it done I can lay out again and get some sun, that would be nice” I told her I’d start on Monday… she said she’d look for me Monday.

The weekend drug by with lots of day dreaming about her and some major monkey spanking. Monday came too slowly and when it finally arrived I got my gear and headed to her house. I had to wait till later in the morning for the grass to dry and it still wasn’t completely dry when I started. After about an two hours I had done about ¼ of it and had to stop and let me and my mower cool down. I had started on the front yard to make a good impression on her dad and planned on getting it cut and raked that day…or at least that was the plan. I was sitting in the shade of the porch cooling off and Louise came out slamming the screen door in a tee shirt tied up above her midriff and short tight shorts. She handed me a glass of iced water and sat down beside me. “What a job” she said “if you find the dog, don’t run over him”. We both laughed and I took a drink of the water. “Thanks… I was getting dry” as I raised my glass to her. “well don’t get a heat stroke, if you get thirsty just holler and I’ll fix you more… can’t have you dying in the yard cutie, I’d miss you”

She’d miss me ??? well, that lit me up pretty good. “Really ?? you’d miss me?” I stammered. “Sure I’d miss you, we’re buds aren’t we? Besides, who’d walk me home from school” and she gave me one of those smiles as she leaned over and bumped my shoulder with hers… but it wasn’t just a bump, she lingered with our arms touching. I got a little nervous with that and said “I gotta get back to it “ and handed her the glass. She patted me on the leg and said “come get more water when you need it, dummy” as she got up and headed for the house.

Back to the mowing and my plan worked out I finished the front yard and was just dumping the last load of raked grass in the woods when her dad pulled up… it was nearly dark. He asked if I’d been at it all day. I told him pretty much and got a good bit done. He told me it looked really good and thanked me for working so hard. End of day one with half done and exhausted.

Day two started earlier… the dew was light that nite and the grass wasn’t as wet… I started about 7 am just as her dad was leaving for work. Her mom had left earlier having to be at work at 7. By 9 am it was break time and I guess Louise knew it too. She hollered out the back window to come in and get some water.

When I walked into the kitchen, she was leaning on the sink....halter top and those wonderful long legs in short shorts…hair up in a tail, holding a glass of water. She gave me an evil grin and said “what will you give me for this ?” I was still enjoying the view. My mind was going places I figured I’d never get to go .Louise had broken up with her bruiser boyfriend at the first of the summer… he had gone to the beach to work and she dumped him. She was a free agent now and I figured I had nothing to lose now. When my eyes finally came up to hers I realized she was watching me ogle her. I blushed and said “anything you want… anything you want.”. She walked over to me still holding the glass and said “Really ??” “Pretty much” I answered “but I ain’t got much”. “Oh I don’t know about that” she said “Would you give me a dollar ?” she smiled. “Sure” I answered back. “Would you give me a kiss” as she walked right up to me. Right against me. I could feel her breasts brush across my chest. I wrapped my arms around her waist loosely and said “Oh, hell yes”. She sat the glass on the counter and draped her arms around my neck. She gave me a sexy smile, leaned in and said “Pay up first” and she planted a soft kiss on my lips. It was quick and I broke first not knowing what to do or where she wanted to stop. She pouted and said “that’s a big glass of water for such a little kiss.. you get one swallow.. You gotta do better for the whole glass”.

This time I pulled her in tight against me and planted my best one on her….tongue and all. We stayed locked that way for a few seconds till she broke but stayed close to me. She said “On offense but if you’re gonna kiss me… really kiss me, you gotta kiss me the way I like to be kissed… who taught you to kiss?” I was embarrassed and stammered a little “well, uh, nobody… I just, uh kinda did it with the first girl I kissed..sorta like she did… was it that bad ? ?Not bad cutie but we’ll make it better… first … you’re not trying to eat my face… second, I don’t want to swallow your tongue…let me kiss you and you just see what I mean” “Ok?:” I said and she leaned in and started with a slow soft kiss, her lips pressed gently against mine… as she continued, she parted her lips and her tongue slid out slightly against my lips and pushed them apart. Then she pressed her tongue into my mouth a little and flicked my tongue with it… playing chase with the tip of her tongue. Then she pulled it back and continued with the kiss till she stopped. That was without a doubt the best kiss I’d ever had up to that point. “Now, you do the same to me” she said. I tried to follow her instructions to the letter and when she started matching my efforts I figured I must be doing something right. When she backed away she was smiling, her eyes were closed and she whispered “Oh Cutie… you learn fast… more” and we joined at the mouth again… as we continued she took my face in her hands and kissed my harder but with the same tongue action and some heavy breathing… I joined her in the breathing as this was getting me pretty worked up. My **** was starting to swell up and in no time it was rock hard and I got a little embarrassed and backed away from her waist.

“Un uh” she said and pulled me back against her pressing her crotch tightly against my ****. “You leave that right there and don’t dare pull back” she grinned. “That’s what comes from a good kiss… now kiss me more”. I had a new definition of scrounging shown to me today and was totally loving it. Louise was much more experienced than me and I wanted to be her anxious student. We stayed locked together for a long time kissing and grinding and we were both getting pretty far along…the whole time she kept her chest pressed against me tightly and I loved feeling those hot boobs against me. My arms were around her waist and pulling her against me when she took her arms off my shoulders… and moved my hands from around her waist and slid them up to her halter top placing one hand under each breast. That kinda shocked me and I stopped the kiss and looked at her surprised. I didn’t move my hands but didn’t grab a handfull yet. She looked at me and laughed… “you’ve wanted to grab em for forever… now you can… just be gentle with them… I want you too.” She put her hands over mine and moved them up to her breasts. Her halter was just t-shirt material and there was no bra under there…just Louise. She showed me how to rub the and how much to squeeze and not hurt her… she also tried to show me how to play with her nipples but the halter top was interfering. Finally she untied it and let it hang, then put my hands back in place.

So now I’m standing there with Louise in the kitchen with her halter hanging open and my hands on the most beautiful pair of breasts a 16 year old boy had ever seen and she’s showing me how to play with her nipples. Sumbitch ! I’m in heaven. I followed her example as she closed her eyes and let me play with them…Then she looked in my eyes and said “do you remember how I showed you to use your tongue ?” I nodded yes, still in shock. “do that on these” and she held them up to me. She gave me instructions as I fumbled around trying to do it right. I was sorta in a crouch trying to lean down to them till finally she stopped me and sat up on the counter and leaned back against the cabinet. “Now” she said “try that again” and they were at perfect mouth level. She held my face in her hands and pulled me into her breasts switching me from one to the other. Occasionally she’d raise my face up and kiss me then put it back on her boobs. She’d tell me to suck the gently or harder depending on her need. So far today I’d made money cutting grass, learned the proper way to french kiss and to appreciate breasts and it was only 10 a.m. !

She was pressing her breasts tightly against my mouth and pulling into them tighter… when she stopped to kiss me they were deep soulful kisses that would nearly take my breath away…she kissed my lips and face and down my neck. I’d never had a girl actually participate like this… usually they were saying no and pushing my hands off them and saying I can’t. Not Louise … she was into this big time and WITH ME !!!!!

She pushed me back a little and gave me a quick kiss and said pointing to my crotch “is that thing still hard ?” “Like a rock” I smiled. “Show me” she said and she scooted off the counter. “Really ?? right here ?? I asked getting a little nervous but she started fumbling with my belt and I figured I’d better help her. Ten seconds later I dropped my jeans and shorts and held it out to her. “Nice” she said and took it in both hands stroking it and squeezing it and making it real good. I was just standing there amazed that she actually touched it… most girls wouldn’t dare hold one in their hand.. euwwwww ! But sweet Louise wasn’t scared of it and knew what it was for. She grinned at me and said, “Have you ever had any, Cutie ?” I just shook my head no” She smiled again and said “ Today’s a bad day, the flag is still up but by day after tomorrow I’m gonna show you how this thing works… hows that sound ?” So now I’m really dumbfounded and really getting nervous… I knew where to put it but that was about all…and I was afraid I’m mess up and make her mad or something. I guess she could tell I was nervous and she squeezed my **** and said “Don’t worry baby… we’re gonna have fun” “But, I… I mean… I’ve never…” I stammered. She kissed me softly and whispered “I know… but I’m gonna show you what to do… we’re gonna have fun”
I didn’t argue any more.. “She held me tightly by the **** and leaned against me. I reached up and rubbed her nipples and stroked her breasts. “Mmmm, that feels good” she purred… “She squeezed my **** and stroked it and said “That beginning to hurt from being so hard so long? “Yea, a little, but don’t stop” I told her “I like that a lot” She grinned an evil grin and said “Oh, I’m not gonna stop… I’m gonna make it feel all better” and she knelt down beside be and started stroking it faster… another first !!! Louise is giving me a hand job !! “You tell me when you’re about to come ok ? she grinned. “Uh, ok but it’s not gonna take long” I said panting from her work. I could feel it building inside and she knew what to do to pull it out…She switch hands a couple of times and rolled her hand around the shaft giving it a whole new feeling. In just a very few minutes I felt it and told her it was coming… NOW! She quickly moved and took the head in her mouth and sucked hard while still pumping. I thought I should stop but before I could I emptied into her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking my **** head and sucking every drop out of me. She pumped the shaft milking me for every little bit… till finally I was drained. When she looked up she licked her lips and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. She gave it a little kiss and smiled up at me and said “thanks, cutie !”

“No Louise, thank you” I moaned. My eyes were closed and my head back enjoying the last of my ******. She stood up and leaned against pressing her crotch hard against my still erect **** and her breasts against my chest. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. She mumbled into my neck “Having fun?” All I could manage is :” um hmmm” She cupped my face in her hands and kissed me long and deep, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth, then she wrapped her arms around my neck and looked at me with a devilish grin “you think this is fun… you wait till Thursday” I would have come again if she hadn’t just drained me. I asked her if I could ask her something. She said sure, anything. “well, uh… why me ?? what brought this on… I didn’t even know you liked me… well, this much anyway… I thought we were just buddies” She grinned at me and kissed me on the nose “We are buddies, but I’ve been sweet on you forever… you’ve always been sweet to me and acted no nice to me, that’s hard for a girl to ignore. I’ve just been tied to dumbass for a long time but I’ve always liked you a lot… now I can show you. I’m glad you like me too” I just shook my head in disbelief “I’ve been in love with you for years but never thought you felt that way… that we were just friends.” “We are” she said “and we’re gonna get to be lots better friends on Thursday”.

She reached down and snatched up my clothes and said “here…get dressed” and she started tying her halter back on… then she stopped and pointed to her breast and said “Kiss this one again” Which I did and started working it again and she pushed me away. “We gotta quit and you gotta go… sometimes Mom comes home at lunch and you got grass to finish” she said with another kiss and she pushed me toward the door.

So I headed back to the yard in no mood to cut grass and every now and then I’d see her watching me from the doorway… couldn’t wait for Thursday!

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Jan 18, 2013