Family Guy Wedgie:meg's Wedgie Filled Day Pt.1

One quiet summer morning everyone,except Meg,was downstairs eating breakfast,while figuring out how to torture Meg today,Lois:"How about we make fun her today?",Peter:"We always do that ;Ohhh I got it how we give her a bunch of wedgies?",Everyone:"Perfect";A few hour later Meg was sitting on the couch watching T.Vshe was looking for the remote on the table when she bent over to check betweeen the couch cushions Losi tiptoed behind her quietly dug in her pants ,Meg felt it by the way readers,grasped her panties and pulled hard enough that Meg blushed red& Lois managed to give her an ATOMIC WEDGIE hard enough that it felt like someone gave her 100 spankings that would make her *** red;Meg:Ahhh mom what the ******* hell is wrong you. WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO BE CONTINUED IN PART.2
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