And You Think You're Forgetful


Two elderly ladies met one day on the street and hadn't seen each other

in years.

They were so thrilled to see each other and so they decided to go inside

the Restaurant, and visit awhile.

After they had been there awhile, one Lady said,"as long as we've known each

other, I'm embarrassed to ask, but would you please, tell me your Name?"

The other Lady sat for a few minutes and then in a soft voice asked,

"How soon do you need to know?"

Author unknown

Now this story, I'm fixin' to tell you,is honest to gosh, the Truth.It really

did happen.

So go back with me in time, when my brother, Johnny and I used to roam all over

Crowder Mountain, with a bunch of other kids, and what we couldn't find to get

into, We invented.

Now you might start to wonderin' "What in the world, is a "Blue Racer?"

Honey, I declare, He is the the Devil Reincarnated!

He is the "Smartest,meanest, little Booger, and the most beautiful Blue

Snake, you will ever see!

That is, if you want to call a snake, Beautiful!

It all started one day when we were up on Crowder Mountain and was going to the

Disney's House and on the way, we ran across the prettiest little snake you would

ever see, so naturally,nothing else for a bunch of kids to do, we decided to have

some fun with that pretty little snake. It really did look harmless up against a bunch of kids.

So---we chased it for a little ways and then we'd walk away.

Huh-uh Honey, NEVER turn yore back, on a Blue Racer!

He didn't get that name for bein' slow!

So he chased us, 'til the boys stopped and chunked rocks at him and He ran.

Hey! This is gonna be fun! We'd chase him and then he'd chase us! Back and forth,

back and forth, 'til we began to get tired.We were ready to quit and go on,But That

Little Blue Devil, was still full of Vip and Vinegar. He wasn't ready to quit!

What we hadn't realized was, He wasn't just fast, He was smart too. Smarter

than a bunch of Kids, let me tell you! He wears his prey down,'til they're ready to drop.

Before the chase was over, we were ready to drop in our tracks! That little

Blue snake, wasn't even tired! We had to do something, so the boys chunked rocks

'til He went up a tree.(You heard me right) He could even go up a tree and not even slow down.

We took off runnin' and here that little devil came, just as fast as he went up!

We began to get worried now, 'cause we just knew he was gonna get one of us, .I sure didn't want it to be me! So I yelled at Johnny, "If you let that booger

get me, I'm gonna tell Mother!"

Now Johnny had rather face that snake, than Mother, if something happened to me.

He started chunkin' those rocks like crazy and told us girls to run when they got him up

that tree! He did, and Believe me, We did! I honestly believe, we broke the world's record

on a 500 yard dash, that day, and I believe the boys broke an even bigger record, 'cause they

passed us! And we didn't stop runnin' 'til we ran in the Disney house about two miles

up that mountain!

I guess you've guessed by now, but when we went back down that mountain, we went

way 'round that Little Blue Devil!

Moral of this story? "If you see a pretty Blue Snake,Leave Him be!"





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Great story, lookin forward to others!!!!