My Silence

It is in silence I hear so much. My voice is loudest although I'm not speaking. My words are thoughtful and precise when I'm in silence. Listening to my breath I can sense my own frustration, nervousness or calmness through the silence.

When in silence I am aware of so many phrases, words and ideas all being pummeled at me. Some stay, some leave. Some return again and again, and some are quickly forgotten.

In my silence I surrender to my faults and weaknesses. I acknowledge my beauty and strength. I see me for who I am in silence. The quiet projects my image. Loud and clear. Silence steals the empty space and fills it with bittersweet revelations in such magnitude.

It is in my silence I am exposed and fragile. Allowing all there is to rush me. Overthrowing my body and demanding attention. My silence is loud. It scares me, it comforts me. Silence escaping. I sit in my silence.
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absolutely beautiful


There is a lot to be said for silence. I enjoy it. beautiful story.

Thanks so much for your comment.

Great delivery! amazing how in stillness and silence we can be made whole - look forward to finding you again

Thanks for reading!

very good

you and I share the same silence :p beautifully written! :)


I love your awareness and understanding of our human thought process and how we can discover ourselves in silence. This reminds me of being in the now through meditation, listening to our thoughts and exploring when & where they come from. Choosing which ones we want to listen & nurture. Thank you for sharing, it's been the perfect reminder of self care.

No, thank you for reading and commenting!

Very nice. Nothing real can be threatened, all else is ...well not real. Leave fear, keep on toward light.

I have enjoyed your poem on "My Silence".The words were so deep til I was so very moved as though I had written them myself.Thank you for sharing.Sincerely Mare1952.
I am new to this page 2/4/13

It is good to see silence be respected rather than assaulted for a change!
I'm glad you haven chosen this in your expression ( depending on your POV )

Thank you

good one...have you been taking lessons from Beautiful Dreams? ;)

WHAT! Maybe she learned from me?? I made her my sister you know. She is so sweet and braty all at the same time... :)

she's a peach!

fuzzy!..*smiles*...yea that kinda fits

Peach?, fuzzy? Huh? LOL Thanks...

I suppose your hungry again?

No, we are both good and different in how we write. Im not as frufru...cinderella as you...Im plain Jane, while you are the shiny half!

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Silence can be definingly loud.

Thanks for your comment.