Sex With My Own Sister !!! [real Story]

Today I will share with you something.My life`s one story.When i was 10 years old I didn`t know
what was ************.But from my childhood I used to play with my penis.So,at that age I started
to rub my penis.I didn`t *** anytime.But,I was having a feeling like I was *******.And I was always
interested in sexual things such as how female`s secret places looks like when they grows up.I
was so much curious about sex.I have a sister named Sara.She was really beautiful and her body
shape was so perfect.She was 17 years old when I was 12 years old.As I was always interested in
female sex I was also interested about her body.Let me describe about my family.Me and my sister,mom
and dad.My mom is a interior designer and my dad is a engineer.So, my mom was always busy in her
works outside the home and my dad was living in another state.So,we didn`t get much time from our
parents.Me and my sister had to go for classes.Day by day I was getting more curious about her
body parts as I am getting older.One day I returned from my classes and entered in my room to change
my dress.After changing my dress I was going to talk to my sister.Then I knocked at the door and
said can I enter.Then From the other side of the door she said you can`t enter it`s locked I will
talk to you later.Then I said,okay.I`m going to play future cop.When I was about to enter in my room
I stopped and thought why she locked the door?What`s going on?I thought I should see what she is
doing?Then Pipped through the hole of the ventilator standing on two chairs.Looking at that I was surprised! This was the
thing I was waiting for a long.I saw she was shaving her ***** hairs.I started to rub my ****.It
looks like I was in dream.For the first time I was able to see that secret place.I can still imagine her *****
was juicy and the clits were pink and was looking like something red
juicy thing is inside the ***** and it made me hard on.I started to rub my **** faster and
I didn`t thought I would ***.I cummed for the first time!!!!And it felt so good.I can`t say using my poor words.
And I sprayed my *** on the door.For the first time I thought what was that?Then I got it that it was my ***.Without thinking anything then I again
started to pipping and she was done with her shaving.Then I hurried to take some tissue paper from my
room to clean up the door.After cleaning that I went to my room and locked the door and started to
rub my **** and burst my fire out of my **** thinking about my sister`s lovely *****.I felt soo good that day.After that thing I showered and went
to downstairs for watching TV.She was also watching TV.I sat on the couch and then she asked did
you do something at my door?I said,mmmmm no.But,I washed a black spot on the door.Then she said
she got it.She also said ,I didn`t noticed anything like black on my door.I shut my mouth.Couple of days past,I was busy and getting prepared for my up coming exam.After the exam
finished I got my winter vacation for 20 days.So, first few days were going good and I was making a
lot`s of fun with my sister.One day I was doing funny things with my sister and was making her laugh.
We were laying on the bed.At that time I started to touch her upper part of her legs.And she
was throwing my hands after few moments when I was reaching near her anus.Then I tried from the front
side of her to reach her vegina.She again threw my hand when I reached near to her vegina.I got a hard
on.I did this 10 times again and again trying.Then the calling bell rang.My mom came.So,I went to downstairs to open
the door to mom.She(my sister) didn`t take it seriously that day.Three or,four days gone I was spying on her
and tried to do something with her.But,couldn`t get any chance.After one week,one day She was sleeping in the
evening after coming back from the outside.So,I thought I can go sleep with her.Because we often sleep with each other.So,that was not new.After some minutes passed,I thought about her pink juicy vegina and I couldn`t stop myself.I also
got hard on.I slowly touched her legs and I was making sure that she was not wake.She wore a little
gray skirt and trouser.Then I tried from her back side to touch her *****.Because trying from front
side is so risky!So,I was entering my hand deeper and deeper very slowly.But,It was hard to reach.
So, I pushed her leg a little bit far then the other so that I can easily touch her sweet,soft *****.
Then I started to enter my hand deeper and I had to pull up her skirt a little.Then I touched her
vegina!!!!!!!Owwwwwww.....It` was soooooooooo soft,I didn`t touched anything like that ever before.That was my
first touching a vegina.A real vegina!!!!! I can still feel that.I tried to discover the ***** lips.It
was so hot! There were juices inside the *****.Ohh...what a my hand......

[To be continued...............
(Will write it next week if I get good comments from it.Because I need to know am I writing good or, bad)]

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Cannot lie good story, but your an epic pervert.

good one

It is you share how you **** your sister and what was her reaction ?


i have the same experience. i used to sleep with my sister and used to kiss her legs when she's a sleep. few times i was about to get cought





Wers d continuation?

plz end with full story and now wts going on between u both...

He's got to make it up as he goes

Write about boobs

Write more sir i want to read more

How F***ing old are you? You spell like a ******* kindergartener

It's awsum.......

please write more nice story

mmm... you should add a link for the second part

it very good write up .please continue.

I think this guy wants to play around with us by ending the story abruptly in the middle and leave us unsatisfied.

write the rest


My brother was clearly the target of perversion... I am still determining if I was. I don't want, nor have I, nor will I have the need to be in such a dominant position... to use coercion as a method is sickening...

i have looked at most forms of ****. I have looked for reasoning behind my brothers molestation and potentially mine. While I did have a hot older step sister... I don't understand real blood relations ******. forbidden maybe but there is an instinctual boundry not to be passed. Lust and desire, on the carnal level, are not something that a child should be the target of. those that think a child can be raised with "guiding" love (sex essentially) are sick. To take a single burning twig from an all consuming bonfire, and then claim it will not burn down the forest is sheer stupidity. All perversions lead to one place... death. It will consume you and target those who are weakest. Follow the path and you will see it. I have tried to understand aspects of my own life growing up... now I look forward to the future. The sickness of this culture, will be its undoing.

I am liking the story

write more, write more, WRITE MORE


very good story

Really cool... sometimes it makes me think that im not the only one out there! keep writing stories...

Do you people like the story?Or,should I close the story?Or, this is wrong to you ?!!!

We like it alright.... You can continue