No. I: The Girl I'll Never Meet.

Although 358/2 Days is the only chapter of the saga I've had the opportunity to play, I soon became identified and intrigued with the story and the trio themselves. I remember the videogame fell on my hands on a trip with some "friends" to a beach house, there I had the opportunity to discover the tip of the iceberg, since I didn't count with a Nintendo DS so I entirely relied on my friend's generosity, Alex. (I remember also, I first thought Roxas was a girl, y'know, by the way he was drawn.) I didn't do that much of a progress.
As time went by, I couldn't get the game out of my mind, neither my curiosity about the 3 main characters. There was even a day when I visited Alex's house to have the chance to play it again. And, after a year or so, I bought my cousin's used DS, but not the game yet (it's hard to find sometimes. Recently, I realized he put an overly-expensive price to it, it wasn't even new and there were actually new ones in a supermarket which costed a quarter of the price less.)
Before that, I noticed one of my friends had it, too, Jorge. He attended school with me, and was kind enough to lend me it until I finished the story. It was the time when I started feeling really depressed and later I would leave school. I became almost addicted (in a good way... if there's one) to it. Along the experience I remember having unique and special feelings and thoughts about it, disgracefully they end up indescribable. They were golden. I played the game for aprox. 80 hours before having to give it back.
I finally got the game on my hands back again some months later. Used, and, to my luck, I found it later new and equally costly or even a little bit less. Anyways, I gave you that information to give a feeling of understanding to my way of perceiving the character. I'm a bit afraid or uncomfortable of expressing this, but I gotta say I fell in love with her. I became enchanted not only by her appearance --Her short, black hair, her curious blue eyes...--, but also her inner beauty, which is a kind of personality super-rare of stumbling upon these days, and where I live, I think. She's truly special, not only because of her fictional abilities but also because of her inside (strong but sweet, with that je-no-sais-quai which seems to me magical and worthy of a Tetsuya Nomura character).
And, about her role in the story, as I said, it was tragic. The uncertainty of a lack of identity, her "amnesia" about her own past, the way she was treated by Saïx (total jerk)... It's a formula for a depressing history, indeed, but at least she had Roxas, possibly Axel, too.
I just wish the graphics were more realistic, although it's something unconceivable with a platform like the DS, "so I didn't have to use my imagination so much". I feel frustrated about the fact that the Pinnochio-based world got scrapped off. Roxas and Xion were supposed to get to know about themselves there. Sigh.
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Nice story. Have you played any of the other games?

Unfortunately, no, I haven't. You know, since they're not all for the same console. I wish I could. I mean, I own an Xbox 360 and KH HD was released for PS3, but a new one is coming for Xbox One, too...