Some Of My Best Things

There is no doubting of the value of a good yard sale buy. I love to go to them, flea markets and auctions. And I'm always proud to point out my buys to visitors.
I have a circa-1940s Hoosier cabinet that I paid a whopping $60 for and all it needed was a coat of paint.
I bought a Hot Wheels box that was shaped like a tire. It contained 25 cars from the early 1960s, including some of that era's iconic cars - even Herman Munster's dragster. Paid a quarter for it.
Bought an entire box of "junk" for a dollar. Got it home and found three silver (not silver plated) plates in the bottom. All were made in the late 1800s.
I have a handmade doorknocker that appears to have come from a castle somewhere. Gave a dollar for it.
I also found a wooden toolbox full of antique hand tools. They sold the entire thing for $5.
I have an entire box full of Life magazines that are like new - dated 1959 through 1962. I don't remember the price but it was low.
A large percentage of our kitchen tools are antiques that we bought.
The list goes on and on. But you get the drift. To me, something is more dear if it was bought cheap. :)
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
51-55, M
May 21, 2012