I like her not because we share circle. I like her because she is always ready for her friends. Alert and always in tuned with her surroundings. With good attitutudes with the people surrounding him. With all positive approach.
I like her as how she is. She has earned everyone's trust. And for the reason that she handles her dealing with confidence. She is true and for one reason respects everyone. And I'm sure there is more to read than what is visible from her stories and comments. And I'm sure her gentle and loving guy/husband (Looking4mywife) would agree to all these. Which is am sure just few of the many good qualities she has. Esp in real life.
I just so enjoy her positive attitudes.
ladyryan ladyryan
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I concur completely in the primary post. A great lady.

Indeed. And an energetic woman ! LOL! Thanks HS for writting in.^^)

Awww, what AWESOME stuff to read this early on a Monday morning. You guys just made my heart all warm and gushy...♥ ♥ ♥ I am lucky that I have beautiful folks as friends... I do think it ROCKS when buddies openly claim to like and appreciate their friends....So much negative stuff floats around life it's nice when we can throw some nice stuff into it...Thanks again to everyone who said something nice to me and ladyryan for being so open and sweet to say it to begin with!!

**smiles** yum yum LOL! You are very welcome.^^

Yes yes yes! Sierra is mah buddy! She is always positive and sees the good... plus she is smart and hilarious! She is the wonderful pay off for weeding through all the pervs and nutjobs ;-P<br />
<br />
This was so nice of you to write LadyRyan...sometimes I don't think we tell our friends what they mean to us often enough... this is a perfect example of a nice reminder :-D

Thank you Rubies for your comment. I have no doubt the she is, since I started communicating with her, seeing her how she communicates and and her stories are, a nice person. And knowing she is your "mah buddy", am not even surprised. You're welcome, btw.^^

Ladyryan I TOTALLY agreewith you .Sierra33 is one of the nicest,most thoughtfull people I know and am honoured to be a friend.

Thanks Carer for writting in. Glad you find this story, have your thoughts about her written.

I totally do the spontaneous postings sometimes too.... It just bubbles up and needs to be said. It's nice when it is nice things being said too. :) Gosh knows there is enough anger and grumpiness in the world!! It's always fun when we can pick out the good things and people and be happy about them too.

Being responsive to all your friends generously what makes you A-OK^^

Aww, Thanks so much..hugs and hugs.....I have a theory about this.....Folks see the good in others... they own themselves.. Everything you just said about me... I could say the same for you!!! That's cool too! You're a TOTAL sweet heart too and I'm very glad we found each other.... ♥

Thanks Sierra. Thanks for accepting my compliments. It came out like out of the blues but I have been reading our interactions here and I found it all in one place how I would describe you.^^ Btw, you're welcome.^^