La Belle Sans Merci

I have always loved this painting by Sir Frank Dicksee ....May be it is the way the knight is looking up at his lady transfixed on her .. or the way her red hair is sheilding the side of her face , making her even more mysterious ... I think the colors also , and the dreamy way they are blended make this one of the most romantic paintings I have ever seen ...Enjoy!!!

softkitti softkitti
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*sighs* I love romantic scenes in art .. there is so little romance in the world but at least there is proof that at one time romance lived in the hearts of men .=-) *hugs*

ohh MM I love this painting so much .....yes the light is one of the most important things you do know about art ...also look at the ex<x>pression on the man face ...he is so intense on the woman as if his whole world can be seen in her face .....*sighs* its romantic no?

I dont know intricacies of art!! But the shades of light are best used here to bring out romance here

Yes I love this painting so romantic .. there are a few from this artist that I love ...

Frank Dicksee has a great way of painting amor,Kitti...i like his style and how expressive the paintings are..