Miranda, The Tempest


Hear my soul speak.

Of the very instant that I saw you,

Did my heart fly at your service.

I would not wish any companion in the world but you.

Admired Miranda!

Indeed the top of admiration! worth

What's dearest to the world!

O you, so perfect and so peerless are created of every creature's best.



This quote of shakesphere comes to mind when I look at this painting by John Waterhouse


 Beautiful Miranda ,she stands there delicate and lovely , braving the winds and surf and looking on as the boat is broken by the wild waves and yet though the waves are so harsh they destroy the ship the water near her feet is so calm .... is the sight she sees reality ...or a reflection of her fear or passions locked deep in her heart ........ Enjoy!   

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Oh thank you Katie I am so happy you liked my posting!... so true ... love can be either friend or foe , hell or heaven and most times a little of both .. thanks for your comment katie

What made you think of this? I didn't realize that name Miranda was an old one. Every time I hear it, I immediately think of Sex And The City...although I just started watching that show for the first time in reruns...nice how I take a beautiful & artful post and turn it into to meaningless Trivia. Sowwy. :*( I have to look up the Shakespeare stuff because I never read that and don't know the story. Anyway, my Shakespeare theme would be more like Taming Of The Shrew. lol :)

Hey Pixie thank you .. oh I as soon as I saw this ... *giggles* yes I have been told my mind takes twist and turns in fanciful ways ... I hope you had a fantastic weekend too sweet , sparkly pixie !!=-D

You are such an amazing little poet. Yeah, I know you didn't write the Shakespeare part but you think in poetry. I LOVE that painting. Don't think I've ever seen it before. How did you come across it? I'm not poetic but I'm always writing. I'm not artistic but I love art. Thank God for people like you & other artists. How dull everything would be without you. Absolutely beautiful, Kitti darling. Always full of surprises. I hope your weekend was a wonderful one. xo...

wow Wild Oscar I followed the link I love that painting .. thank you so much for bringing that to my attention , it peaked my interest and I am definitely going to look up this artist and learn more about him . This is what I love about EP Thanks for the comment and the link! =-D

ohh no dont apologize I love that view of it !!...That can be it .. poor Miranda ... her revenge came full circle and bit her in the proverbial booty .... <br />
<br />
Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned ... but no one ever said the price for that fury =-( wow

I'm thinking of a romantic affection gone wrong... he leaves her but she has an uncontrollable power unknown to anyone... she thinks of revenge... and as she did so, the ship crashes into the rocks... but she regrets it almost immediately, but was too late to do anything else... hence, her hand on her heart...<br />
<br />
I'm yapping... haha... sorry, Kitti... got carried away...

wow .. hmm yes .... I can see where you are a dark romantic vibe coming off you...*sighs* so my dark beautiful fairy ...why ?... Could it be the man who toyed with her affections was on that ship...or do you think she did it , to lash out randomly at humanity that she never felt part of

*Sylph picks up Kitti's twitching body... soothes her wings to calm herself down... lets her sit on the bench, too........ and both sighs....*<br />
<br />
I liked the idea that she caused the shipwreck... this dark idea is just more powerful to think...

I know ...right .. you know I went to a print shop and they had this matted and fr<x>amed on the wall and I stood there just looking ....*giggles* yes I use the shop as a gallery ..... I cannot for the life of me figure out ...if she is causing the shipwreck...sad its happening .... hearbroken ... or secretly relieved her face is sooo calm .... but her hand is on her heart ...so shes feeling something .... <br />
*kitti falls on floor at sylphs feet ... body twitching .. while her inner genius implodes on itself* XD

This is certainly stunning, Kitti. I could sit for hours and stare at what Miranda sees...<br />
<br />
*Sylph grabs a bench... sits and sighs...*

Hello Joesheart , the painting is called Miranda, the tempest..and the artist is Waterhouse...I believe John is the first name .....I could look at this painting forever ...thanks for the comment

ahh that is what so great about art Reece ... the story and mood varies from person to person no?<br />
<br />
Yes scribs it does that is why I love it ..I love the different emotions it portrays ... thanks for your comments =-)

It's got a lot of emotion in it...doesn't it sweetie? beautiful i love it

I think I enjoy it without the story (cause I actually know this one), my imagination has created a story all of its own, and I can't really change that

Thank you darling Reece .. I just love this painting , there is so much story here ..the more I look the more I notice ...and its as if the painting also changes with the story no?...thanks for your comments darling *hugs Reece*

I like this one Kitti