I Love To Have Sex With Young Men

It's not that I don't like to have sex with my husband. He's a good lover. But I love sex with younger men. I like to teach them about how to please me, and I love the way they stay hard after they finish, and how they like to have sex 2 or 3 times in a row. I have a lot of fantasies about having sex with two young men, and I've never really done it. I did give oral sex to two young men once, and I found it incredibly exciting. They were university-age students from the middle east, and neither of them had had any sexual experience. (They both even claimed they had never *********** before, but I raised two boys and I know they are lying!). I'd also like to have sex with young bi men. I've seen **** movies about that and like it a lot.

deborahW deborahW 51-55, F 40 Responses Dec 28, 2009

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As soon as I matured sexually, I began fantasizing about older women. Some of my teachers, some of my friends' mothers. It never occurred to me that any of them might have a taste for a younger guy like me. How sad that I never tried! How I would have loved to have had a woman exactly like you to teach me how to please her. Now I am approaching middle age and the opportunity for that kind of May-December romance has passed.

Like I said in an earlier reply - what's keeping you? You've gone a small step into that territory and enjoyed it. Just go ahead and go the whole hog... And perhaps get a third young stud into the mix. That way you will be what is called "airtight" - all holes stuffed! The very definition of being a woman! Hope to read about your success soon!

I couldn't agree more. Give me a young, inexperienced and slightly nervous lover anytime. You get a man who is eager to please and willing to learn how to do the things that you want. Give him a lesson or two then lie back and enjoy. If you pick the right target you can get a similar response from older men, who can be equally grateful but they lack the charm of youth. I'm always happy to offer a shy college virgin some further education.

Wish I was younger ;-)

It's not just the young guys that can stay hard and come multiple times. But I must say I love that you are verbal and participatory enough to express what pleasures you. Absolutely love when woman knows what she wants and directs to get it. Clap clap clap clap clap clap.

3-somes are very exciting and satisfying. Opportunities abound here on EP

Mmm very hot. Yes it's amazing teaching the younger ones;)

im 25 and want to **** u all night message me back

Please teach me! I don't want to graduate college without knowing how to please a woman

I love sex wit younger boys cause like u said they stay hard an I can teach them things...

I certainly wouldn't mind being "mentored" practice makes perfect right?

You sound like a dream come true. Would love to help you find all the young studs you want.

Message me sometime I'd love to give you some nice hard young ****

Have you read my stories ? ...they mention young sex, bi sex and 3somes.....Would love to exchange thoughts with you on those :)

in not bi but i can stay hard for hours. i would love too show you

Thats way tooooo hot to read

would you like to email me? i am a young university guy

i would love to perform with another guy for you

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm teach me

Your story is great. Even today I really enjoy being with women older than myself. It's hard for me to explain why, but it's just something about their maturity level that I find very sexy.

Very hot!

As a young man I had sex with an older woman for several years. It was the most amazing part of my life. She taught me everything I needed to know about pleasing a woman. From giving her oral to completion, deep, little movement vaginal penetration to wild hard anal sex. :)

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Get me in ....

see what you started off lol

Honey, you keep on pleasuring the young guys and let them give you the pleasure you desire. As we;; as having fun, you're creating memories for them that will last a lifetime. My first ********* was with an older lady, maybe in her 40"s, and my Air Force roommate. We were in our late teens. I can still remember her big boobs, hard nipples, hot mouth and *****. The french kissing was awesome.I don't think I lasted but a few seconds when my raging hard-on went into her mouth. My roomie and I both lasted longer with subsequent rounds. Older women were just so much more fun than young girls. You go girl! I very much enjoyed watching my 41 year old wife, at the time, seduce and **** a 17 year old neighbor boy.

Very good, Sounds really hott

I always get hard when I read this.. You are very hot... ;)

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