I Do

But since my husband doesn't like them, I have not listen to them for a long time.

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If you had an iPod you could listen without bothering anyone *hint*hint*.

@ silent witness: thank you very much for the great comment,<br />
<br />
iPod is on top of my list

I am a rocker. I married country. I cannot stand the whiney stuff and am happy I had to get used to it at a time when it was becoming more progressive. Now I love it and rock as well. Strike up a youtube video every once in a while. Don't just lay down your love for ZZ. If you husband doesn't understand, then he is the one with the problem. I agree, time for an ipod. Life is too short honey, enjoy your music and learn to dance the dance of life.

@ MTVLM: yes, I need to get an ipod

Well sounds like you need to have your own stash of music to listen to. He has what he likes and you have what you like, there should be nothing wrong with that......