My Zz Experience

I don't know when my fascination for ZZtop came into existence.  I remember hearing them for the first time when I was in 7th grade.  I didn't understand the context of the song La Grange (infamous texas **********)  but I knew I liked their music.  Around the time they took their Texas Tour around the world is probably my first real interest that I remember.  I remember reading about it in the paper.  But one day, I got a real surprise.  I was going somewhere with a friend of mine.  As we were exiting our neighborhood, I saw a bunch of 18 wheelers parked along the road across the highway.  They were lined up one by one along my side of the railroad tracks.  They were cool.  Must have taken a lot of imagination from someone to see the pictures someone painted on the side of them.  It was the day I found out one of them lived across the tracks from me.  We drove by the house and saw another one of the van's (decorated of course) parked in the driveway but we never stopped.  I went and bought their new album and have been a fan ever since.  Another friend of mine went on tour with them as part of the road crew, so I got to keep her shirt.  Have it tucked away in my drawer.  Also recently I found out that someone I know has a cousin who used to be married to one of them.  And I have inside info from someone else that their fancy cars, eliminator and such, are tucked away right down the highway from me.  I did eventually go to one of their concerts but I was older by that time and probably didn't appreciate it as much as when I was younger.  So close and yet so far.

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