Brown Skin

Brown skin, brown eyes, and as pretty as they come. From shades of light carmel to special Dark. These are some of the most wonderful women seen on this earth.

I have been with of few, and I can speak from experience in saying that they are all that. Just as I'm saying this keep in mind that just as any culture some of these women can be a real pain in the a**! But I love 'em, and I adore them.

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

It's true... but I think my articulation gets in the way with a lot of sista's, but thats ok with me. Im comfortable with it.

Yeah I like other cultures too, and would love to go there. But when I look into your eyes I see the sum of it all. It's just a shame not all see it in themselves, and if they do. I become less than worthy.

Guilty as charged (among other ethnicities), but well, I prefer international boys, myself.