Good Times

When I was in my teens I discovered a public loo with a gloryhole in the partition, then, as now my favorite passtime was a good wnk. I stooped down to peek thro it but it had tissue stuffed in it. Then i heard the guy leave and someone else went in, so i took another peek, only to see an eye looking thro, I pulled back and started playing with my cok for the guy to watch. I then looked back thro the hole and the guy did the same for me, he then stood up and presented his cok to the hole and shot his cm thro, unfortunately the hole was omly about an inch round so nothing else could take place. After that time I toured around and found several places to go, many of which had larger holes to stick your cok thro, and get the same back. this lasted for several years until they started closing down the loos or refurbing and covering the gloryholes. I still get horny thinking about all the cok i had in those times,

bimale4fun bimale4fun
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Could you tell me more about gloryholes these days ? And nothing beyond flashing and showing off?