It Was When I Was Young..

As I've said on other remarks I've made, I was brought up in a very textile house. I don't remember ever seeing either parent naked, and from as young as I can recall I was encouraged not to show my body even when changing for swimming or the like.

Then at 11 I went to senior school, year 7 as it is now, and after years of putting pe shorts over underpants we were told not to wear anything underneath, meaning we had to be at least semi-naked at some point. Most of the boys thought nothing of it, three of us wrapped towels around ourselves and had the **** taken something royally. 

But looking around I saw that we all had the same bits. Okay so there were some 'adult' (as I thought then) ***** on some of the boys (pubes and heavy balls), but a lot were immature like mine, and I started to wonder what all the fuss was about. I stopped using a towel to change behind, reserving it for after my post gym shower (when most of those who were happy to change naked were just wetting their arms and hair in case the teacher came in.)

At around that time I also found that the gay graffiti in public toilets was turning me on. (I'd found my dads stash of ****, but although it was so explicit in its photo's of female genitalia that you could almost get a gynacology degree by studying it there were no *****. (God forbid any hetrosexual male got turned on by an erection about to enter what he was pounding his meat over.))

I'd sit there in a cubicle, trousers and underpants down, shirt rolled up, rubbing myself as I read about the guy who wanted men to meet him for a suck at 3:30 on Saturday, at how this guy and his wife wanted someone to join them, how these two guys had met up in the very same cubicle and enjoyed each other. And I never noticed the eyes at the hole in the door, or the gap between the bricks, for at least a couple of visits. (I'm pretty sure I would have noticed bricks missing.)

Once the initial shock of being observed had gone, I would return there frequently but now to look as well as be looked at.

My first gloryhole toilet, that I remember, was in my late teens. I wouldn't do anything through it, but it was so much easier to see a guy, and for him to see me, through a hole the size of a brick rather than one the size of a pen.

I'm not going to swear to this, it's an area I've blanked out for some reason (like the first time I gave oral), but I'm pretty sure my first experience of wanking a guy through a gloryhole was at some toilets in Blackpool when I was at college. I know a couple of years later I was pretty used to finding toilets wherever I went and enjoying myself in them, even to the stage of being on a day trip with my fiancee to a seaside resort, going for a pee, seeing a gloryhole in a cubicle, and coming out a couple of minutes later having had my balls drained by a very expert mouth.

Nowadays, the era of the council run public toilet seems to have come to an end. Stores and malls tend to keep an eye on what's happening in theirs, when you do find an 'independant' toilet they've been made of stainless steel and holes are quickly covered or sealed. It's a pity, but then I suppose that boys of 11 like I was, wanting to see adult *****, just need to open up a web page.



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Nice write up
How old are you now?
I'm 30 but was v interested in your experiences.

could it be he wants a **** to watch or suck and afraid to say so

Hi kikoman, sorry if you didn't like it, I think the subject title of the 'experience' should have given you a clue as to what these stories might be about. <br />
As for being a freak, I don't think I am. I'm married, got kids, steady job, no kinks in real life other than being bi and my wife knowing. <br />
<br />
MiaMyopic, a gloryhole is a space between cubicles in mens toilets, for example a removed brick. They're used for sexual purposes by bi and gay men.