He Was Fine...

I met him when I was at a vending maching buying a bottle of water during a break at dance practice.  He was with his friend, and they were from a different college, visiting their friend in the college I went to.

We talked for a couple minutes, found out he was step team captain of his frat which meant he was a dancer too, and he was from New York, just like where I was born.  We had some things in common, and man, this boy was sexy, and the only reason I was attracted to him was because he was cute.  I gave him my number that first time I met him.

We went out on a couple dates, and early on I found out he was an engineer too, like me.  It was cool it turned out that we had things in common, but the initial attraction was based on his sexiness.  I also later found out he had a very nice body.  I liked it.  He was cut.  Shallow reasons for liking the man?  Yep.  

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Your are totally right, glamourious.

lol.... its a good thing that you speaking the truth, couse seriously sometimes you can be charmed by the looks of the person and when time goes on you realise you don't really love him/her

Not gonna lie, man - I did get some. But we didn't go all the way...lol

haha yeah 4real, he was hot.

Yeah, celtic, he and I didn't work out either. We still talk though, he lives in California now, and he calls some of his friends over here when he's back in town to get lunch or whatever, which means he calls me too. We're still cool. I don't like him anymore in that way though :P

hehe yeah honesty is key :P

but thats ok girl atleast you are honest!