I the silence of longing.
I want to kiss you suddenly before the impulse strikes us to think.
I want to forget our faceless jobs and baseless fears to be undefined with you.
Forget our stories and names
I want to dye vintage reams Kodachrome colors of old fashion lovers. You holding me at the small of my back, your other hand wrapped in my hair.
I want to remember a time before we turned jaded, earned hearts of green stone painted purple for the wars
I want to scream thinking of the restless night ahead hearing neighbors soft moans through my wall.
I want to kiss you but you are still bleeding from the last time someone did and your valiant fight to hold on. I know. My bruises still hurt to touch too.
I want to forget that we fought for lost causes and turn to you now but I can't turn my head and my heart aches when I try.
If only I could wrap my love around you but it's numb.
Fighting for love leaves such ridiculous scars.
Linda Eve Diamond.
thoughtfulheart thoughtfulheart
51-55, F
2 Responses Mar 12, 2014

so true the second time around.

How many time arounds does it take? :)

no set number...it just happens....

lovely and melancholic