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She Loves To Show Off Her ****

lately she has been more into showing off her cleavage & ****, she loves the attention she gets from guys at the local club and is proud of her boobs, not naked but through her shirt, this turns me on to no end and I love to watch the guys & girls faces as they stare at her ****
dportcpl dportcpl 41-45, M 15 Responses Jan 8, 2011

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She is sweet and hot.

My girlfriend is the same way. She loves showing off the girls and appreciated the looks and smiles she gets from men AND women...

I would like to look at your wife.

I would dearly love to see your wife's boobs and let you know how gorgeous they are. The profile pic is a tease

She looks amazing in your av photo! What a cleavage! Add?

I would love to se her **** please add me as a friend

hi, this is my new profile, plz add

Nice! I love it too. Please say thanks to your wife!

Nothing better than a good tease, would like to be added. Thanks!

My fantasy is to show my **** off at a restaurant (with my husband present. of course!) I would like to wear a provocative top and have my perky **** sitting up and to attention. My husband would act like he was reprimanding our waiter (or waitress) for looking at his wife's ****...and then when they were feeling sheepish, he would say, "Good job!" and give him a nice big tip! Which would make ME super horny and want to **** my husband in the car in the parking lot!

She should be proud they look great. Would love to see the pics. I'm such a *** man

I hope you will share all of her "showing" adventures with us! I loved it when my wife showed off "accidently" as well as with more sexy sheer tops.

They certainly are worth showing off. Very similar to my wifes. Thanks for showing them

great to hear, thanks, love to see tribute pics

i love looking at your wifes **** the're a lovely pair