I Think My Wife Likes Being Watched

One afternoon I returned from work, I jumped into bed to cozy up to my wife. As usual, I began subtly undressing her and the momentum kept going steadily. My wife slid off the bed and led me by the hand to the window, her facing it and me groping her from behind. She slowly opened the horizontal blind which made me very erect. It was daylight, we were only on the second floor and there were people in the vicinity that could possibly see. Then, when I thought she was as far as she'd go, she pulled on the string and began slowly lifting the blind until it was all the way open and she put her hands on the wall on either side of the window and told me to give it to her really hard, which got her breasts squished up against the glass while I tried to bury myself inside of her. I don't know for sure if we were seen or not because I became so overwhelmed by her sense of adventure.

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1 Response May 15, 2009

I would make love to my wife in the niew of our neighbors but there are a few problems... 1) Her brother & sister in law live in front of us 2) Her mother lives next door 3) We live out in the woods 10 miles from town and 4) This is a county in Tennessee that is stuck in the 1940s era. In other words people are not to have sexual relations after the age of 39, and the residents here dislike change so bad; unless it makes them feel important or they can make money from it.