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Family Guy:Meg'S Wedgie Filled Day Pt.2

AS WE LEFT OFF...Meg:Ahh!!,Mom what are you DOING?!?!?!?,Lois:Ummm-3minutes later-I dont know?,Meg:MOM!!,after Meg. Screamed Mom she suckerpunced lois in the vagina,yep,jumped over her ,stuck her hand down her pants gripped her ppanties over her head waistbandpulled REALLLY HAAARRDD put the panties so far that it hooked over her chin;Later that day...While Meg was listening to her favoritemusic when Peter snuck up behind her saw her "My little ponies" panties sticking out grabbed the panties and pulled until not only. Meg was not only. Blushing. Even her ***!!too ,Meg:What the **** ,dad?!?! WHAT IN THE MOTHER ******* HELL ARE YOUDOING ******* ARE YOU TRYING GIVE ME A WEDGIE?!?!?! TO BE CONTINUED IN PT.3(FINALE)
WGIEMASS WGIEMASS 13-15, M Feb 9, 2013

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