Girls Are Great

growing up i came from a family of boys. We fought alot argued alot and pretty much didnt care too much what happened if things got messed up. after getting married and having a family, of course all girls i got to see the other side of life. Girls still argue and fight, but are much more caring. Thet also truly just like to have alot of fun.They are much more thoughtfull. the drama can be a little much at times, but thats fine. Taking care of themselves is another issue. Pedicures, manicures, all the creams and lotions are great.Anyone that doesnt subscirbe to these rituals is missing out on some good stuff. I am so glad that my life has been improved by having positive experiences with them.
teegan685 teegan685
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1 Response Nov 22, 2006

Ha ha aha ha. These are nice cute stories and easy and nice to read.<br />
I am so comfortable around women though I come across as an alpha type male. It's so safe being with women, in their company , listening to their chat etc.<br />
I am not at all competitive though I am very territtorial. I won't infringe on yours but prepare for trouble if you trespass on mine. I love colours and always admire women who wear many. There is atrong protection afforded by femininity.<br />
I really am learning so much from this site.<br />
Thankl you all.