The Girls

Aside from an incredibly cohesive groups of guy friends from high-school, most of my friends throughout life have been girls. Case in point: so far all of my fans/friends on this site are girls (as far as I can tell). I wonder if any psychologists out there can analyze that one.
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Whats so crazy about that. I have always had a number of great guy friends to do things with and just to hang, I have always since I was small enjoyed the company of women. First it would have been mother and aunts, later it would be them and the girl cousins. I always enjoyed their conversations as I could relatr to a lot of what they were talking about. The snaz they made were a good deal too. <br />
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Today I am about 70 and I am very sure that I should have been a woman.

Whats to analyze?

Don't worry, they'll just tell you that you want to sleep with your mother. (j/k)