I love wearing lingerie

My wife was at work. This day it was chucking it down. I was feeling the need to wear my wife's black suspender belt and matching thong and lace top stockings. I had put it all on and felt so sexy and thought I looked amazing. Anyway it was time to take the dog for a walk, it was still p*****g down. So I decided to still keep the lingerie on but just put my track suit bottoms on and a jumper with a jacket and some trainers. I was feeling Horney anyway but about 20 mins into the walk my track suit bottoms were soaked through and you could make out the tops of the stocks and the suspender belt, and out of nowhere these two women appeared walking there dog. As they approached me they looked down at my track suit and smiled as they passed and looked back at me still smiling. I carried on but the feeling was to intense. I walked for a bit with a raving hard on that needed sorting. I walk round to this big open field and dropped my track suit bottoms and I was stood in the open on view just wearing stockings, suspenders and matching thong. I got my man hood out and played and it felt so good and when I *** it was over my hand and put it in my mouth. I pulled my track suit bottoms up and walk home.......it was was still chucking it down
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Great story.

Great story....wish I could have seen, as you have lovely legs. Marcy

hot times