So Who Is My Favourite Novellist?

Well, the few of you who endured my listing a top 20 faves might be wondering: what sort of writer does this guy get off on?

Because Catch 22 is my favourite novel, does that mean Joseph Heller is my favourite writer? Hard to say.

Deciding on favourite books - or a list of them - seems to me a far less difficult exercise than naming a favourite writer. Does the list help us decide?

Going back over the top 20 we see:
1 author X 3 books
1 author X 2 books
15 authors X 1 book each.

The 3 book person is Gunter Grass.
The 2 book writer: Vladimir Nabokov.
Are either of them my favourite?
Or is one of the others?
Or is my favourite someone who does not have a work in my top 20?

Hard to say.

How do I decide when my list includes, in addition to Grass & Nabokov, such giants as Joyce, Melville, Sterne, or such intriguing figures as Duras, Lowry, Kundera or Genet?

It might be more reasonable to list the writers who I reckon have had biggest influence on me, on my thinking, on my writing.

They would be, in no particular order: Grass, Joyce, Kundera, Ireland, Moorhouse and one whose works did not make my top 20: Samuel Beckett.

Righto, this is a bit hasty and ill-thought out, but I'll take a punt. My favourite will come from someone in that last listing, and it's probably Gunter Grass. But tomorrow it might be one of the others. Ha!
61-65, M
1 Response Jul 10, 2012

My list would have included Hemingway and William Faulkner. But each to his own. : Great list nonetheless and thanks for that list I know some serious stuff is going on here.

And thank you too for reading as well as acknowledging appreciation.

Hope I get more time to read stories here about books and movies to be able to comment on them. Am not sure whether i have read much here by you. Will do as I like them a lot.