So here goes: (feel free at add your own list)

1) Racsim, Backstabbing, Drama, Arguments, Any Bitotry, Murder etc (all the boring things out the way!)

2) Going to the toilet just after someone else and the seat is still warm. (especially your mother)

3) People who eat on trains. It's for travelling..not a ******* restaurant!

4) Horseracing. It's boring

5) Papercuts. how can something so small hurt so much?

6) Lilly Allen. scum

7) Classic old songs covered by crappy new pop bands. Especially when people think they wrote it.

8) Cop buddy movies. Cop and a half being the main culprit.

9) Adverts / People who work in advertising. you'll never get me!

10) Money spinning days, eg..mothersday, fatherday, valentines day ect. again..you'll never get me.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I hate violence,when u dont feel free.i hate when some people dont respect others..and i hate the word "hate" :)

you have a good list. I will need to think carefully when i put together a list. it'll be long. I hate a lot of things ha. I think your number 3 is a very good thing to hate. I think its disgusting watching people eat.