My List For Monday 9/24/12

Tasmin's story in this group because it reminded me of the importance of gratitude, of savoring happiness, and of where we let our thoughts dwell.

My cats greeting me in the morning like they are so glad to see that I remembered to fill up their food they ever let me forget!

A phone call from my sister-in-law, just to chat and catch up on the family, containing only uplifting conversation and pleasant news.

A good lunch of home made vegetable soup that turned out to have exactly the right amount of everything and was perfect for a chilly fall day.

Wearing my favorite ancient, too big, but very soft and cozy sweater.

The premiere of Dancing With the Stars tonight--one of my not-quite-guilty television pleasures. Something to look forward to all day!
datura datura
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I like this experience, Dat;) Rereading it.

Thanks for bringing me back to this story, Duchess. I liked rereading it, too!

Yes;) Lest we forget;) I'm going now to your USEmbassy independence dinner - hopefully I don't goof again lol. X

Yes, please comport yourself properly or my embassy might kick you out ;-) Have fun!

I'm back in one piece- didn't put my foot in my mouth or anyone's this time- haha- The national anthem was sung by an opera singer - I thought of you and your family;) x

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To notice the nice things in life and to appreciate them.Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading!

Simple pleasures. Special lady;)

Great list. I've always loved watching our Polish edition of Dancing With the Stars. And big, soft, cozy sweaters are just the best!

I love love love that show, Spring! If only Sawyer from Lost would be on it, I'd be in Paradise ;-)

I dont watch. What would I do with the knowledge?

Ms Spring

Big, soft, cozy guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!

Bcj...Does that mean that even though you don't want much to do with us crazy women, you'll still give us a nice cozy hug? ;-)

Datura: Sawyer would just put all the girls in front of TVs on their knees, that I'm sure of!
Bcj: So now we're waiting for those big, soft cosy hugs. You kinda promised! :)

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any excuse to have soup......

And I've found great soup recipes on the recipe site you pointed me to a while ago, b!

hey big sis.
always nice to help.......

:) Nice.
That soup sounds delicious.

What colour is the old sweater?

A sort of tweedy mix of mostly moss green and a little bit of white....that was popular a looong time ago...

Gosh! A sort of Miss Marple ensemble?

Rather! In a good way...

What do u mean? How can it be in a bad way? You mean with moth holes or something?

I thought you were insinuating that I wear old lady sweaters... ;-)

Miss Marple is a unique elderly lady and I am quite certain that her 'sweaters' (we dont use that term here) are of the utmost quality and refinement .. and ageless.

Yes, I agree! She (and I) have impeccable taste.

I remember when you said you got a "jumper" for Christmas in a story or comment a long time ago, and I thought to myself...gee, I stopped wearing jumpers in 7th grade. I finally realized it must mean something different in the UK!

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