I Love To Cuddle

Dreams can come true. I was always aware of this truism, treating it with a guarded thoughts always. I cannot think of a dream that came true for me, that is, until I met Rachel. My work is pretty much a grind most days & the time off is eagerly awaited. Rachel Bevan was a window dresser, very aloof, very correct. I called that stuck up & although I loved her figure, loved her from afar, always wanted to get into her panties but never clever enough to try. Then at the annual Christmas Party the company holds every year I found that far from being aloof, far from being stuck up, Rachel was a very lovely & caring woman. The other thing I should add is that it was made more difficult for me at work because Rachel was in her late fifties & my mates far from encouraging me to make a pass at her, they just said I was odd to want an older woman. Anyway at the dance I had had a few drinks, I wasn't drunk, just in a happy mood that made me bold enough to ask her for a dance. To my surprise she said yes. I'm not a good dancer & Rachel noticed this, but instead of being nasty she smiled and told me to hold her properly with my right hand in the small of her back. We danced but it was very slow, almost a crawl with us both holding on, my hand had slipped down until it was on her bum. Ohhhh, heaven the joy of feeling her bum made me so hard almost at once. I decided to get bolder & I kind of pushed my hand into the material of her dress until I was feeling between her bum cheeks. Then she stopped moving and took her hand away from my shoulder. "I'm sorry, Steve, but I need the ladies." We walked off the dance floor not speaking. I was so depressed & my face must have shown this because she bent her head & briefly her lips brushed over mine & she whispered to me, "I won't be long, promise." Then she was walking away down the corridor to the ladies. I watched as she walked away, I wasn't even thinking straight, I felt I could taste her lips & the smell of her perfume, I was rock hard & gazing at the door of the ladies toilets. My feet walked me, my mind on automatic, to the very door of the ladies. A couple of the girls from work went in & for a second I had a view inside. I saw quite a few ladies in that brief moment before the door swung **** & dreamt of Rachel with her panties down. I guess I was in a state almost a coma because I never even saw Rachel until she was holding my hand and asking me if I was alright. I shook my head saying I was fine, inhaling fresh scent on her face, then I heard her saying, "I need a breath of fresh hair Steve." Walking out into the night freshened me up a lot especially because I was holding the hand of a woman I had undressed so many times at work, somebody inside me I loved. There were a few people in the gardens taking the air, thats the only way I can describe them without being arrested. Rachel led me into the garden until we seemed alone. She stopped & I thought she was going to light a cigarette until she put her arms around my neck. She smiled and murmured to me, "Aren't you ever going to kiss me?" Hell! I wanted to so bad my lips crushed against hers abruptly & crudely, but she held me and her lips opened under mine & I was kissing her properly, at least I felt I was in heaven. My hand reached tentatively under the hem of her dress & then I could feel her tongue touching mine, so wet, so enticing. I reached up high onto her lovely warm thigh, higher, higher, feeling for her panties, then I was touching her cunny, no panties. I nearly collapsed to realise I was fingering her, then feeling her ****, so swollen, wet. I squeezed it between my fingers and she gasped & almost bit my tongue off. Somehow, frantically I was undoing my flies, my ***** so hard seemed to spring ou, I was hurriedly opening her vagina and slipping my ***** into her as she opened her thighs more. ******* Rachel I came far too quickly & apologised but Rachel told me it happens & not to worry. That evening she took me to her home & we went to bed and ****** all night.
steveisgame steveisgame
22-25, M
May 16, 2012