A Dream Come True

I am a vocalist in a band, and we play at the pub on every weekends, we mostly do cover songs from other bands. So one evening as usual we were playing in the pub, i got a request chit and in that chit a young beautiful lady of 30s who was alone and had requested for a song "Because of me" by Robert Cray, after singing a couple of songs i sang the song she had requested. As i was in the middle of that song i could see that lady covering her face and burst into tears. After the song was over she came up to me and handed me her visiting card and asked me to meet her at the address mentioned in the card. The next day i went to meet her at her house, her house was like a palace with guards and servants, i showed the guards her visiting card they led me to her. She was sitting at the verrandah sipping coffee, her eyes lit when she saw me. She then ordered the guards to leave and smiled at me and said 'you sing very well young man, The song you sang yesterday was my favourite song coz this song suites me so well, I had a boyfren who cheated on me. Since then i listen to this song. She was wearing a long silky night gown and she was looking very pretty, i could also see he well balanced breasts when she bent to pour some coffee for me. After we talke a bit about music and she invited me inside, we went inside and she took me to show all the rooms in the house and lastly to  her bedroom, it was such a beautiful bedroom i had ever seen in my life, as we entered the bedroom she she pushed me towards the wall pressing me and kissed me passionately i kissed her back too, then we made love wildly on her bed. Since then she has been promoting my band in every field even recordings our own compositions. But now we are totally established band and doing very good in the music field. We will never forget the help the beautiful lady lended us. So this is the plus point of listening to a huge variety of music. One can sing any song any time anywhere when needed. The beautiful lady is none other than my present wife, Yeah after that we fell in love and got married. It was becoz of that particular song i got to meet my beautiful wife.


zorro zorro
31-35, M
Aug 20, 2007