I Saw Afi Last Week...

i love listening to afi, the older albums more then the new ones but i still do think the new stuff is awesome too.

i saw them last week, they were amazing and i had the best time, davey is a superstar. they only played songs off the last 3 albums, this is the 2nd time they have come to my city, and last time it was the same thing minus crash love. its almost as if its not the same band anymore.

with out the old afi there would be no new afi, with out the old fans there would be no new fans. most people i know around my age(27) dont like afi anymore because of this, we grew up listening to afi, we waited years and years for them to come here, after playng their albums endlessley, and i suppose we just selfishley wanted to hear live, some of the music that we found so much pleasure and meaning in.

and im sure that the younger fans of afi who may have first experienced decemberunderground or sing the sorrow, would still have fallen in love, gone back and bought very proud of ya, or shut you mouth and open your eyes, and thought they were kick *** albums, and would be as happy as me when they play some older stuff.

horriblegirl horriblegirl
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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

so true!