I'm fascinated by how amazing the 90's were for this specific genre... even the stuff that played on the radio was easy to stomach and you couldn't ask for better. From The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" to Live's "Lightning Crashes" I can't find anything in between I wasn't pleased to categorize as ear-candy filled with the ultimate display of pure GENIUS
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I so agree! My ipod has over 2000 songs solely from the 90s, lol

the "bittersweet symphony" song truly is bittersweet, because the rolling stones sued the artist for stealing part of one of their songs. the verve didn't even get to make money off of it :( you are so right though....it's strange how some generations are oases in between the deserts of others.

yeah there's still some of us who can appreciate outstanding music

whoa..you have been around and under me since january 22, 2013?!

Been around for a while here=) better late than never, right? Haha

haha totally..on the phone but we should talk soon. about to sign off :)

Alright. Hurry with that!=)

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