I Listen To Sports On Am

I love to listen to soccer on AM radio. First of all, I suck at learning languages. I live in San Diego, where spanish is spoken as much as english, but I've never been able to learn the language. I don't hear the best, so that is my poor excuse.
But, I like to turn my AM to soccer and listen to them play, and of course I have to turn it to a mexican station.
"Babble, rabble, babble, ... babble babble rabble YA YA YA!!! BABBLE rabble Babble!!!"
It just gets me so excited to listen to. And, I do understand enough to follow the game. Even when I'm driving down the road, I wanna jump up, throw my hands in the air and cheer the goals!
hellimus hellimus
26-30, M
Sep 18, 2012