I Listen, But I Also Create...

Just short version. I compose ambient and experimental sounds. Back in 2006 the guy from China - Zen Lu - contacted me and we created a prroject called ChoP (China - Poland). We wanted to exchange our thoughts and crerate music that combines western and eastern part of the world. So far we invited to the project over ten other musicians from both countries and we had a successful Tour in China (2009) and in Poland (2010).

The whole story can be read on our blog, which we call the headquarters.
This blog contains text, photos, films and also MUSIC from our performances (especially from the 2009 China Tour)

This year we collaborated with British video artist Isaac Julien (he showed his films in Sundance Film Festival this year!).
Isaac used our music in his 9-screen video installation "Ten Thousand Waves".
Than he edited it into the 1-screen film called "Better Life".
Better Life was shown this year during the 67th Venice Film Festival.

So if you are interested in ambient and improvised ambient and experimental music please visit our site

There is one album for a small fee, and the "Live In Zachęta" is FREE! It is a concert from the Warsaw Electronic Festival performed in the most important Polish National Gallery of Modern Art.

I also have my own site with music - with my own project called Eta Carinae (which I started back in 2002).

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Sep 14, 2010