I Get Atmospheres/vibes From Music

Many composers and artists whom I listen to create certain sounds that seem to be interpreted by the subconscious, instinctual area of my brain as pointing towards:

an emotion/feeling; an idea; a place from my childhood; some future event in which I will be intricately involved; a sense of urgency; a sense of longing; a particular environment (often 'natural' places like beaches, forests, wilderness, etc.); some kind of presence (not necessarily an anthropomorphic or humanoid figure, or even a conscious presence at all); some place that I feel I must have visited at least several million years ago

It's almost as though some kind of 'vibe' is being given off by ambient sounds, chord progressions, melodies, harmonic textures, and the overall content of the music. These vibes are often highly distinct and vary from song to song or composition to composition, but it isn't just traditional electronic ambient music which has this effect on me -- any kind of music embodying certain ambient qualities or seemingly powerful ideas can do it. Furthermore, music as a whole isn't alone in being able to tap into this area of mental experience for me; light, smells, colors, seasonal changes, environment configurations, sounds, temperatures, and angles, when taken as a sum total, are able to somehow alter my cognitive model of reality from one very distinct, powerful form to a completely different one. In essence, these emanations are how I feel the world as I move through it.

A vibe or atmosphere may also, under certain circumstances or within specific contexts, be the direct cause of intense emotion as partially indicated above. On top of this, given my outlook on humanity, I can't help but ascribe atmospheres an even greater status than their already unusually high one.

I have a group for people aware of anything that resembles my profile image, by the way. A lot of ambient music reminds me of it. If that place in particular is extremely important to you, please share your thoughts on it over there. Thanks.

TheBlueBeach TheBlueBeach
22-25, M
Sep 7, 2009