I was trying to post a story in the "I listen to and/or spin vinyl records" group, but it kept telling me only alpha-numeric characters were allowed in the something-or-other field.  So I removed the "/" (slash in the and/or) in the group name in order to get somewhere, and ended up creating this *new* group, somehow!  Then to top it off, I couldn't post my story, it just wasn't working, so I copied what I'd written onto a word document not to lose it, and now I can't seem to paste it back onto a new story window....

I'm so frustrated, I'm just walking away...
Dee67 Dee67
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Success! Not sure how good it is, lol, but I hope it was worth the persistence... Also, I quite like the logo I found for my new (accidental) group!

Yeah, EP is very temperamental lately. I hope you will be able to post the story...sounds like a good one :)

Thanks, destry. I'll try again.... I just gotta grumble and complain, sometimes... hehe.