I got a message from ep today that it's vinyl record day, or some such.

While we still have a turn table at home, and a modest collection of vinyl records, we haven't actually spun one in quite awhile.

I have lots of memories attached to spinning vinyl.  Right back to when I was about eight years old, and my mom put on some old 45s from her day (around late 50s to mid 60s), and my brother, cousins and I all danced and sang along.  One song in particular that comes to mind is Buddy Holly's "Everyday".  I still remember the portable turn table -- it had a lid and a handle so you could take it with you, but of course you needed a plug-in, in those days, lol.  My mom played "DJ", and us kids had a great time pretending to be like what we'd seen on tv, on **** Clark's "American Bandstand".  My mom and dad also told us lots of stories about going to dances when they were dating, and listening and dancing to their favorite songs by Elvis and so many others.  I have a love of 50s and 60s music for this very reason -- I grew up listening to it.

Also, when I was twelve or thirteen, I saved up my babysitting money and bought myself a stereo -- one with a radio, cassette player and turn table all-in-one unit.  I was very proud of this, my first major purchase with money I'd earned myself.  I spent countless hours playing and listening to records and tapes that I'd bought myself.  A hairbrush and a mirror allowed me to 'perform' on stage in front of millions, while I danced along and sang to my favorite songs.

So many great memories attached to a spinning black piece of vinyl...  lol. 
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Yeah -- it was a movie my grade 12 English teacher showed us in class -- can't remember the title, but it was about a woman, I think her name was Jeanie, who moved to Australia with her husband around the turn of the last century. Her husband died while they were struggling to make a new life there, and the story is of her struggles to continue on and help a community of Aboriginals (as I recall). That line has always stuck with me.<br />
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Wow...'tears are for little sorrows". It makes perfect sense today.

I wonder if we should go on the road and tour... laughter, they say, is the best medicine! <br />
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And a line from a movie I saw in high school came to mind for me last night: "tears are for little sorrows". I think I may be officially out of tears -- don't know if this is good or bad. Just sayin'.

Ironic, eh? I was feeling blue too, now, thanks to you guys I'm tickled pink. *mwah* to you both!

Hehe....not our time yet...darn, that would be the way to go ;)<br />
Thanks for this. I started with a grumpy mood on here this morning....that's long gone..hehe. <br />
Love ya, girls :)<br />
PS: Dee...and you named this story Nostalgia...hehehehehehe.

Yes! Seriously, someone wants us to stick around and not kill ourselves with silliness. My wireless connection keeps going in and out!<br />
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Glad we're all having so much fun. I really needed this. Thanks, girls. Love ya!

Divine intervention!

Oh, Destry beat me to it! And I momentarily lost my internet connection... someone's trying to save us!

Well, it's a good way to go, they say... Not that I won't feel guilty, or anything!

Sadly, my children haven't even noticed I'm killing myself in giggles and fits. They must be used to it, or something! Gosh, darn.

ROFL.....DEE, you are going to laugh me into my grave...hahahahaha.

Oh, no! Out of your nose, really?! Can someone actually die laughing? rofl.......

I'm sorry... I just get on this roll, sometimes, and it won't stop! Believe me, I want it to as much as you! lmao.... Okay, deep breaths... it'll be fine...

Gosh...I just had coffee come out of my nose!


Dr. Freuuuud!

Call the doctor! Help! I think I've burst something in my brain! <br />
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Dicksters.... mileage? Where did that come from!!?

Oh, gosh, me too! Who knew that could get so much mileage!

Hehehehe...can't get the words in between the fits of laughter. I tried to explain but every time i get to Dicksters i burst out laughing....hahahahaha. here we go again! I can't stop....hehehehehehe.

Now you're speechless? lol... I love it when that happens!

Hahahaha, Destry. Hehehehehehe....i was just asked if i was okay... i couldn't explain. Hahahaha.

Sorry! Did it form a pattern of any sort? Maybe we can read your fortune... At the very least, send me the cleaning bill... lol

Now i'm snorting! In laughter that is... not the kind you might be thinking... and laughing harder.... help!

LMAO...i can't stop. Dicksters! Hahahahahahaha

Sorry, this happens to me sometimes.... lol

rofl... gasping for air...

Hahahaha...... OMG....hahahahahahaha !

What would we call ourselves, the Dicksters? Oh gosh, I've drank my silly juice, this morning...


That was a different time, the time of the ****'s<br />
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.:::giggles:::: Destry, we could form our own girl-band, you, tg and I! hehe

LOL. Poor ****, indeed. And what about **** Tracey? Or **** VanDike? rofl...

Yeah, we're all legends, you know, in our own minds, lol! ;) It was a lot of fun :)

lol...poor ****

Oh, your "preformed" on stage in front of millions too..hehe ;) Great story..great memories,Dee :)

Success! FYI, I found i had to write something first before it would 'accept' a paste... gremlins are so weird!<br />
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Also, poor **** Clark, his first name is an ep no-no, it seems... lol