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I have listened to records my whole life I'm only 21 but I never even bought a cassette till I was 11. I still am using my first record player, a shameful orange and brown little tikes, but it works so I am not parting with it. I ust to have a great collection but growing up my Mom constantly wanted me to get rid of things so most of the records almost 3 boxes were given away, Which was a shame I even had a 45 of Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. The oldest things in my collection now are The two disc Jesus Christ Superstar broadway show and The Doors self titled 1967 album. One day I would love to venture to Amoeba Records.Are their record players that will flip the 78 for you? That is on my wishlist if there even is such a thing.
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I inherited an old “three speed Marconiogram” that will play 78s, but for serious music listening I have a Thorns turntable, that only plays LPs and 45s, connected to a good amp and speakers (getting near, but not quite, high end HiFi). The only players that can play 78s that I know of are either cheap (and probably nasty) or serious top end turntables such as SME or Clearaudio. As regards something that will flip 78s you might have to look for an antique jute box.
Best of luck in your search

I have so many records it's absurd.<br />
Amoeba (sf) is my happy place,I spend hour after hour there-$ permitting!<br />
I don't know of a 78 flipper,they are very brittle...maybe a jukebox?