Take Me Back

Within the past two or three years I started to look on the Internet some old 45 RPM vinyls made by a relative of mine who during his 35 year career had made over 109 singles and six albums. Recording with companies like Decca, Columbia, Mercury , Chess, date and Coral records. Many were both gold record hits and some were written by him. His stage name was Nick Noble.

I casually mentioned to him that I was re-recording his vinyls to CDs, first to get his his approval and secondly to ask which of those he would prefer me to put into a CD album. I advised him that I was purchasing his records and that the prices were costly . He admonished me saying that he had many of those I could not find on the net in storage and we then went through those to find the best fit.

With the new software available and with the use of a professional record player the sound reproduction was superb and we made three separate albums. Can't Get You out Of My Mind, Take Me Back and Taking Country Downtown.

I was personally amazed that we could get that kind of sound from records dating back in some case over 60 years. Some of these were recorded when stereo was not even available. The software compensated for that.

It was a delight to do this and to have all these songs now on disc and saved was a pleasure. It brought back to me the time in music when the big band era was waning rock and roll was on its ascendancy and country was just beginning to go to the middle of of the road. Nick's records clearly transcended those times and are in fact a historical record of the changes that were occurring in music then as they even now continue to do so.

I will continue doing this with the myriad of vinyls that I still have of other artists and taking those that are suited to both my memories and taste to a CD format. Vinyls to me are a way back to the past when lyricists like Johnny Mercer had rhyme and songs had depth and music carried a far less menacing and angry tone..
zorbas zorbas
56-60, M
Aug 12, 2011