Yankees On the Radio

Hi.  I love listening to baseball on the radio.  I haven't missed a Yankee game since 2003 and I listen to them all on WCBS over the internet (mlb.com subscription).  I love it.  I feel like I'm more involved in the game than when watching tv because I have to take the announcers words and recreate the image in my mind.  I think that baseball has a very special relationship with the radio that no other sport can compare too.  Besides tv is really ruining the experience of watching a sporting event with all the commercials, promos and mind-numbing replays.  (I get it, show the damn play twice, not 10 times in a row...not like I won't see it on sportscenter)

So yeah, I was just wondering if anyone else listens to the game on the radio.  I know my sister does.  She listens with me and we talk over the internet since she is back home.  Btw, I am wondering if other youngsters such as myself (20) listen to the radio of if it's mostly older fans.  I'm studying sports managment and they frequently say that the sports radio demographic is much older...i feel left out. 

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

"And the real activity was done with the radio- not the all-seeing, all-falsifying television- and was the playing of the game in the only place it will last, the enclosed green field of the mind.  There, in that warm, bright place, what the old poet called Mutability does not so quickly come." A. Bartlett Giamatti

HumphreyTungsten HumphreyTungsten
22-25, M
Dec 3, 2007