Anahuac Mexicayotl Black Metal

Xipe Totec Kalpul is a band formed in 2007 in Mexico-atepetl, with the goal to arise the true knowlege from the ancient people in the ancients civilizations in all the Anahuac, Xipe Totec Kalpul convine the force of the black metal music with the prehispanic instruments to create what they call : Anahuac Mexicayotl Black Metal ......

here is a sample of this band : atekokopitzaketl ome-acatl vocal    ,tlilhuezca guitar chorus  

tzompantli bassguitar and tlapispalis chorus, ah puch mictlantecutli drums,

wachak percussion, imix ox lead guitar......


check out their unique songs in .....


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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

where can i see some videos of the band.?

this is the firts post of this band ¡¡