Good Memories

My mother was obsessed with Christopher Cross and it was something I can remember playing in the car as a little kid. One particular song that my mom played over and over again was "Sailing" and I still listen to it today because it brings back good memories.

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4 Responses Mar 14, 2012

That is my wife and I's wedding song, we got married on a small boat ( holds about 100) in Salem Harbor on a perfect September sunset and that was the 1st song they played when we set sail. Good, good memories!! Chris Cross is one of my favorites too!

I have his greatest hits in my bag for work right now!! He was the sh** in the early 80's!!!

music is powerful, and I love those songs that remind of childhood :)

I liked Cristopher Cross back when that song was popular. My wife told me that her boyfriend back in those days hated "Sailing" because it reminded him of me, and, of course he knew that I had the hots for his girlfriend. It's amazing how songs can set/adjust your mood.